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I have sensory issues that seem to have gotten worse over the last few years. This isn't a case of "I don't feel like eating this" but actually a case of, "I gag and feel sick when I eat this" and "I will avoid eating if this is my only choice." I'm on the go all of the time because of work and school and shuttling my DD back and forth to my parents who watch her a few days a week. I am sick of wasting food I bring with me when I'm out, and sick of spending money eating food that isn't really good for me while I'm out! I am working on getting some kind of help for this, but in the meantime, I am having some serious food aversions and would love any recommendations from mamas who have dealt with kids as picky as I am :-P


The biggest things are that I don't like cold foods, or anything remotely mushy, so I can almost never stomach leftovers or foods such as a sandwich that has been sitting in a lunchbox for a few hours. I don't like nut butters or boiled eggs. I can stomach flavored nuts, flavored yogurts, and cheese sticks/slices, though I don't really enjoy them. I love salads, but they have to be really fresh, because of that mushy thing--if the lettuce is wilty or soggy, or the tomatoes are mealy, I can't finish it. This happens to me almost every time I pack a salad. Strong smells ick me out (hence why nut butters and boiled eggs are a no go.) The newest idea I have is to buy a thermos that will keep things warm, and bring soup or pasta with me on the go. Soup and pasta are the only two foods that I can count on being able to get down at any given time. I also want to start baking some kind of nutritious muffin or bread that I can bring with me...but I need protein too.


So, any ideas for on the go foods that fit in with the above restrictions? Ideas for soups that will stay good throughout the day, or ways to make pasta more nutritious, or how to add protein to my diet when all on-the-go proteins gross me out? Thanks in advance for your help <3

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A few ideas


- pack the salad dressing separately and dress your salad just before you eat. One cool idea that I recently saw was a mason jar packed in layers, with the dressing on the bottom of the jar and layers of lettuce and veggies on top. When it's time to eat, just up-end the jar over a plate or bowl and the dressing will drizzle down over the salad. 


- try non-lettuce salads like carrot salad or broccoli salad. 


- quinoa is a higher protein grain. You can serve it hot, tossed with a vinaigrette and some chopped vegetables or cold as a salad. You can add some diced cheese or chopped nuts to increase the protein content. You can do the same with couscous, but the protein content won't be as high. 


- hummus or bean dip and crackers or pita or veggies







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Here is a lunch bag that claims it will keep food warm for 5 hours.

I imagine you could duplicate this with most insulated bags and any hot pack.


Can you eat raw peppers, carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, or sugar snap peas? I think those foods tend to stay crisper and fresher on the go than lettuce or tomatoes.


Can you stomach granola bars, trail mix or dry cereal? My dh has been taking a cereal mix as part of his lunch. It has cereal, nuts, small crackers, and dried fruit. We vary what we put in the mix.


Roasted chickpeas for a crunchy protein that you can season however you want?


Bean or lentil soups?




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Bean salads?  Good source of protein, even if it's just a "side dish".  Or you can mix up a bean/pasta salad to get the stomach filling from the pasta and the protein from the beans. 


Or I just like dumping some garbanzo/kidney beans over a green salad.  You should never pre-dress a green salad - if you make it fresh and keep it cold, it should not be wilty by lunch time.  If it is, it either wasn't kept cold or your greens were old.  Tomatoes though - unless they're in season are liable to be mealy regardless, and refrigeration just makes it worse.  Add your salad dressing right before you eat.  You can get a 4 oz canning jar, or any small tupperware (make sure it's water-tight, many are not) to hold your dressing.  Or I saw a blog post similar to the pp - pack a quart mason jar with the dressing on the bottom of the jar, and then your hardy ingredients (beans, carrots, celery, etc.) on top of the dressing, and put the lettuce/greens all the way at the top.  Keep it upright and the greens should still be plenty fresh at lunch.  Invert the whole thing right before lunch, and then dump it into a bowl/plate and you have a fresh, dressed salad ready to eat.  I'd skip tomatoes entirely unless they're cherry tomatoes.  And then maybe just experiment with what you like on your salad.  A handful of quinoa or a handful of beans or a handful of cheese cubes or even nuts can add a bit of protein to a salad, since you don't like egg.  Do you like any cold meat?  Roast chicken is often yummy cold, as is tuna if that's your thing... even just chopped salami or crumbled bacon, it doesn't have to be anything fancy.  Personally I really like pate on my salad, but I know that's an acquired taste - I make pate and then scoop little balls of it onto my salad with a cookie scooper... along with sliced kumquats and a nice tart vinaigrette, it's a great lunch. 


Salad doesn't have to mean lettuce though, either.  Pasta salads, grain salads, vegetable salads, bitter greens salads (like kale), etc...  I make a really good "salad" out of walnuts and romano cheese, and serve it with endive as a spoon.  Lately I've been making a lot of alternative salads because I can't stomach cooking veggies and we have to eat something, but DH gets tired of lettuce salads. 


I'm not a fan of soup as a meal personally, and pasta doesn't have enough protein for me most of the time, so I can't really help you there. 


Do you have any options for heating up your meal?  Or do you have to eat it at whatever temp you bring it? 

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It is great that you like soups! You can pack a lot of nutrition and satisfaction into soup and eat it any time. Adding some quinoa to all of your soups will make them more nutritious and satiating. my favourite soup these days is loaded with chick peas, vegetables, quinoa and kale. Sometimes I leave it chunky, other times I use an immersion blender to make a smooth, creamy soup. 

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