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nukuspot's Avatar nukuspot 06:11 PM 05-02-2012

My DD will not take any chewable Vitamin C, nor sodium ascorbate powder mixed in juice.  She's just so picky!  But she's sick and I really want to give her extra C.  The ONLY C she will take is the tiny Hyland's vitamin C tablets, they are sodium ascorbate (good) but only 25mg each and the bottle says the dose is 1-2 a day.  So I give her 2 but I know she needs much more.  I'd like to give her 5 or more a day but I have no idea if that is safe because it's not formulated that way.  Or find another form she will tolerate.


Any ideas?

nukuspot's Avatar nukuspot 06:12 PM 05-02-2012

She's 3 y/o by the way.  About 32 lbs.

mumkimum's Avatar mumkimum 08:05 PM 05-02-2012

Rosehips? (some form of tea or supplement)


Vitamin C syrup like this (not necessarily the best one, just one of the first I found).

MamaKye's Avatar MamaKye 12:06 PM 05-17-2012

There is a Vitamin C pops (lollipops) from YUMMY EARTH that are organic.  I tried to check out the ingredients for the Vit C pops but it only shows the regular pops.  You might have to contact them to see how much is in them and then you can decide if its worth giving them the sweets.

autumnvt's Avatar autumnvt 05:19 PM 05-17-2012

You can give her as many mg of the highlands tabs as works for her. That is just a general recommended dose.

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