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Examining the Link Between Nutrition and Vaccine Outcomes: One mother tells her story
Motherhood has transformed my life.  When I found out I was pregnant with my son I was excited; excited to hold him, love him and watch him grow. I thought I knew what to expect.  I was wrong.  No matter what I planned or expected, nothing could have readied me for this.


As a naturopathic doctor I knew the importance of breastfeeding for the healthy development of my child and even had an article published in a peer-reviewed journal about the benefits of breastfeeding on the developing immune system.  I was committed to nursing for my son’s health.  I wasn’t exactly excited about it, though. The thought of having someone so close in my very personal space sounded kind of unpleasant.  Likewise, I supported the idea of co-sleeping, but getting a good night sleep was hard even before my son was born. We got a basinet.
After a wonderfully hard water birth at home we set our son in our bed and started breastfeeding - and he has never left.  The joy I feel when he reaches out at night, still sleeping, looking for the mama that he knows he’ll find with his chubby little baby fingers wasn’t something I could have planned.  I didn’t expect to actually look forward to his nighttime nursing while he buried his sweet toes in my belly.  I never dreamed that after two and a half years I would still treasure the ability to comfort and nourish my little one and cherish his nighttime snuggles as he still buries his slightly bigger but still sweet toes in my belly.  I didn’t expect to love those things but I do.
As moms, we worry. We worry about almost everything, those elements we can control and those we can’t. As a naturopath, I addressed these concerns the best way I knew how; I researched.  I examined everything.  I read books and magazines, case studies and clinical trials. I attended talks, lectures, and seminars.  I learned what carseats are the safest, what foods are best for brain development, and what all they put into the chemical soup that makes up your average plastic baby toy. 
Then a family member had an adverse reaction after a vaccination.  A new worry and more research, lectures, case studies, etc. Now there is obviously a lot of controversy surrounding the pros and cons of vaccination. Opinions range from, “everyone always,” to “nobody never.”  Over the years in practice I’ve learned to support patients in their choices.  Some people choose to vaccinate fully, some choose to vaccinate selectively or on a delayed schedule, and some choose not to vaccinate at all.  No matter what, the decision should be made from an informed perspective.
The consensus on all sides, however, is that if you choose to vaccinate there can be unwanted side effects.  To name just a few, there can be flu-like symptoms, moodiness is common and there is always some amount of inflammation.
kids running.jpg
What surprised me was the large amount of research into the effect of nutrition on vaccine outcomes. There’s all kinds of good stuff that will help a body prepare for and process a vaccine.  Soon I made a nutritional plan for my son, trying to be as comprehensive as possible.  My patients and mommy friends who were planning on vaccinating also wanted support during vaccinations so they used this new nutritional plan.  They reported good results, but complained that it was difficult, confusing and expensive to get everything separately, and asked if there wasn’t some product with all these goodies together.  
There wasn’t, so I made one. That’s something else I didn’t expect; that I’d be starting a nutritional supplement company while staying home with my baby.  That company is now called WellFuture and that nutritional plan became our first product, VacciShield, the first ever nutritional support for infants and kids during vaccination. I am really excited about this option for parents who choose to vaccinate and look forward to creating more products that address the needs of our children in today’s modern world.
- Dr. Catherine Clinton
Creator of Vaccishield
Mama to one since 2009
Catherine Clinton is a board certified naturopathic physician, currently practicing in Oregon. Dr. Clinton has published work in the international peer-reviewed Natural Medicine Journal and is a guest contributor to the website of American Association of Natur
opathic Physicians. With the birth of her son in 2009, Dr. Clinton turned her focus to pediatric health and founded the supplement company WellFuture. Seeing an urgent need for nutritional support to meet the needs and challenges of today’s children, she developed VacciShield, the first-ever nutritional support for babies and kids during vaccinations.
VacciShield is a blend of non-dairy probiotics, vitamins, minerals and an amino acid and it's backed by current research showing how the ingredients in VacciShield support health during vaccinations. VacciShield is made in the USA and our facility is GMP certified to adhere to the strictest quality standards. We never use any artificial preservatives, flavoring, coloring or ingredients and VacciShield is dairy and gluten free! www.vaccishield.com

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I would also like to know what you recommend for vaccine nutrition boosting, outside of your product. Also please share some of the research backing this that you mentioned. i am very interested.

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Hello! I am the founder of WellFuture and creator of VacciShield.  This post was intended as an introduction to our company and how we came to be.  We have worked hard to make our website a resource for nutrition and vaccination with over 30 research study links. These links are posted on our Ingredients and Research page http://www.vaccishield.com/ingredientsresea.html

Seven of ten ingredients have been researched to positively impact vaccine outcomes (vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin E, selenium and 2 strains of probiotics).  I added the other three ingredients because of their ability to support brain, immune and gastrointestinal health during this vulnerable time (choline, inositol and L-Glutamine).  Each ingredient was chosen to do double, triple or quadruple duty in supporting immune, brain, gastrointestinal and detoxification health.  I tried to find ingredients that not only supported health during vaccinations but also addressed the inflammation that can cause side effects after vaccination. This information and the research is available to all and I'm happy to be able to share it!

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I am in the process of moving posts from the thread to another in the Q&S forum so that the comments being posted here can more appropriately be hosted and discussed and not take this thread off track. Any questions or comments about the product can be PMed directly to Catherine ND who is the founder of the product and is more than happy to answer your questions. 

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