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Most of the things I make for dinner involve the oven. It's not as hot here as it is in a lot of North America (not even close), but it's starting to get warm. We don't have air conditioning, and I don't want to turn on my oven! What do you all do for dinner when it's warm/hot out?

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I've been making tacos a lot lately - I make veggie taco meat, or heat up black beans & corn for filling them, and then it's all cold toppings.  But that's just 1 thing on the stove, which is pretty quick.


Deviled eggs or egg salad, with lettuce salad (or just as a side to jazz up leftovers).


Breakfasty burritos (I cook up a scramble or frittata and wrap it in tortillas - not everyone likes this, but I really do)


I haven't done homemade sushi lately, but everyone's been asking for it and that's another good option.  Especially if you happen to have a rice cooker.  You can do it sorta cheating by using leftovers like this too.


We'll also do grilled cheese (with salad, or carrot sticks & dip, or fruit).

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This is the exact reason why we grill outdoors so much in the summer. It keeps all the heat of cooking outdoors and it keeps the whole family outside and playing. We often eat outdoors too.


Throw on any protein of your choice, sliced veggies, foil packets of potatoes/yams, corn on the cob, whatever, all on the grill.

We make standard grill fare like chicken, burgers, steaks, etc. We also love grilling homemade black bean burgers (on foil), large slices of onions/beets/zucchini/eggplant, pita pizzas, even grilled cheese.

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We have been eating a lot of salads. Our current favorites are my make-shift Chinese-style salad (greens, sprouts, matchstick celery, carrots shavings (veggie peeler!) and anything else that looks good if I happen to have it and vinnaigrette with sesame oil, rice vinegar, salt, pepper and soy sauce. Sometimes I throw in scallions or minced garlic or ginger. Our other is wild greens with balsamic or honey-garlic vinnaigrette, with cold cooked beets (I usually cook them right after I get/pick them and keep them around), berries or other fruits, and goat cheese, sometimes baked in phyllo or just sliced fresh. 

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I cook noodles the night before, when it's starting to cool off. Then the next day we eat them cold with cucumbers, maybe some red onion and cilantro and mirin, or mint and wine vinegar. Or we eat the noodles with kimchee--yum! Rice noodles are nice--the cooking is minimal, like 3 minutes.


I also make pasta salad the same way--noodles the night before, then just chop raw veggies and toss the refrigerated noodles and veggies with an oil/vinegar dressing the next day.


We are also thinking of buying a portable induction burner ($78 on Amazon!) and doing the summer cooking out on our porch!

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It was 120 degrees here yesterday and I have no desire to turn any heat source in my house on! We've been eating a lot of salads and sandwiches lately.

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We do a lot on the grill. Or pasta salad or cucumber salad. 

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Smoked salmon with cream cheese on bagel with veggies on the side, BLTs and salad, Nori Rolls, Spring Rolls,


Cucumber, tomato, olive and feta salad with grilled meat of some sort....

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