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Emaye's Avatar Emaye 11:27 PM 09-07-2012

And omg, it is delicious! I had to share my excitement!  


I have a feeling I am gonna butter all sorts of nuts at home from here on out! 

*LoveBugMama*'s Avatar *LoveBugMama* 03:31 AM 09-08-2012

Ooh, that sounds really interesting! How did you do it? Just walnuts in a blender-thingie, og did you put anything else in there, too? smile.gif

Emaye's Avatar Emaye 06:56 AM 09-08-2012

It was my first time so I did not want to go fancy.  I put in walnut, salt, light olive oil (it was all I have but any vegetable oil will do) a dash of cinamon and honey to make it a little sweet. I adjusted the flavor as I went (as in did not follow a recipie).  And then I just blended it until it turned into a spreadable goop!  It turned out really well.  It is great with apple slices.  It is wonderful with bread, crackers.  Anything.  I have heard of people soaking walnuts over night, then toasting it to dry and then blending it.  I did it on the spur of the moment so no time for all of that.  Anyway, try it if you have a bit of time and a good food procesor smile.gif

I am gonna try almonds next.  

*LoveBugMama*'s Avatar *LoveBugMama* 06:57 AM 09-13-2012

Oooh, sounds even better when you explain it! orngbiggrin.gif  I think I need to try this..

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