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layla's Avatar layla 05:33 PM 06-14-2004
First of all I did not imply that if it bothers you don't eat it constitutes a healthy diet. A varied diet fulll of lots of colors was what I said. And in lay terms, for generalization, that is easy for most people to remember. No one person's diet can or should be summed up in some generalization or by any blanket statements. Every person's diet should be unique unto them. If it bothers you don't eat it is pretty standard for most food related problems as many people know when something doesn't agree with them. Nausea, rash, gas, vomiting, swelling...people notice that kind of thing. If a person doesn't know why they have gas or dry skin or headaches, that's whole different story as a person who has studied nutrition would know, right, ericaz? Also, I believe that I have mentioned numerous times that soy is a high allergen and that no one should eat it in large amounts. I absolutely agree with the fact that soy is over glorified and eaten too much, but don't agree with the idea that it should be avoided by all people altogether. As I've already said. I've mentioned whole foods, fresh fruits & veggies and blah,blah, blah here and on other posts, but the truth is, not me, not ANYONE can tell the general public what to SPECIFICALLY eat. General or blanket statements are to all be taken with a grain of salt. Every person is different and can only follow basic guidelines unless they consult with a professional about their SPECIFIC needs.

tricia80's Avatar tricia80 06:25 PM 06-14-2004

i will continue to consume soy... i like my non gmo soy milk, organic soy ice cream, tofu, miso and tamari.... i dont consume overly processed soy products daily... and my daughter and i are perfectly healthy... and she doesnt masturbate due to her soy intake (and yes there was a group of fanatics that actually say that) and she is quite tall 95% percentile.. so im not worried....
MOV's Avatar MOV 02:45 AM 06-17-2004
I have to say that I am not looking forward to "Dr. Daniel's excellent responses in the July issue of Mothering" -- probably because I did not think highly of her original information. Like others here, it does not make me want to know more of Sally Fallon's ideas being amongst those she no doubt sees as "whiny" as opposed to the "excellent" Dr. Daniel.
All-in-all, it is probably all for the good that I read the original article because it did give me a kick to lessen my use of processed soy and diversify my foods more.
I do hope the info in the next Mothering mag is more balanced and not just Daniel holding the whole (soy) stage again.
tricia80's Avatar tricia80 11:19 AM 06-17-2004
i jus got the issue of mothering at the library and will be reading the actual article... and then i can voice my .02
toraji's Avatar toraji 10:39 PM 06-17-2004
yk, that is exactly my big issue with Sally Fallon/Nourishing Traditions. Even though my diet is closest to being described as "NT", I actually do not own a copy of Nourishing Traditions because of its snide tone (and the huge amount of animal products they recommend). However, it still remains the closest book that encompasses the major ideas of what I feel constitutes a healthy diet, so I will continue to recommend it (albeit with those caveats in place). I like the tone of Body Ecology Diet or The Maker's Diet better, but they are not quite as in-depth as NT. JMHO.

I still consume soy, but only in traditional fermented forms and not as the basis of my diet. Too many tasty things in this world to eat to focus solely on one single bean.
Curious's Avatar Curious 12:46 AM 06-18-2004
We love tofu here. Dd is wild for it (maybe it's my tamari-vinegar-ginger-cinnamon sauce). We use it in moderation. Same for tempeh. I prefer the food sources to the isolates/supplements etc.

I am looking more carefully at how much soy milk sneaks in. I make a LOT of chai with it. Every so often I make almond milk, and I'm looking to be more organized about doing that - I can never remember to put the nuts in to soak's a messy process and it only lasts a few days.
MOV's Avatar MOV 08:48 AM 06-18-2004
Not exactly on topic, but I'm curious about the sauce you make! Recipe?
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