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Cicely's Avatar Cicely 04:40 PM 08-31-2013
Can someone give me their thoughts on giving my 10 month old non fat grass fed Greek yogurt. She loves it and wants to eat it at every meal. She has stopped taking BM from a bottle but "attacks" me when I come home from work and nurses /pacifiers all night. She is eating 3x a day 2 of which are the yogurt. I'm not sure if this is ok for her, but not sure what to do now its been 2.5 weeks of her eating it, and all seems well. Her poppies seem to be getting more "adult" like now that she is not drinking as much milk during the day. Just trying to get a sanity check from my "extended" tribe. BTW we only give her the vanilla flavor.

pastormama's Avatar pastormama 04:56 PM 08-31-2013
Nothing wrong with that. I would give her full fat dairy though. I have my dd homemade whole raw yogurt as a first food. She loved it! Still loves plain tart yogurt,
Cicely's Avatar Cicely 05:37 PM 08-31-2013
Thank you. I really liked one brand of yogurt and they didn't offer the vanilla in full fat, but I will check for other "reputable" brands that meet our needs.
amcal's Avatar amcal 10:13 AM 09-04-2013

Personally, I think that's a lot of sugar for a 10 month old.  I'm assuming vanilla = sweetened?  If so, I'm assuming it's sweetened with regular cane sugar?  For me, I think it's too much sugar.  I think the yogurt itself is fine as long as it's full fat but, personally, I'd buy plain, full fat and then blend a banana into it to sweeten it or mix in some apple sauce.  But, I wouldn't use commercially sweetened yogurt. 

Cicely's Avatar Cicely 05:08 PM 09-04-2013
Amcal thank you I hadn't given that part of the equation that much thought. (Unfortunately!) but will adjust immediately. As it make sense to me. Adding my own fresh organic fruit is a better option too. No wonder she is loving it so much! Sugar. Uuuggghhh. Thank you.
JennaRose's Avatar JennaRose 08:33 AM 09-11-2013
My 11 month old has been having plain whole fat yogurt for breakfast for about 6 weeks (either normal, Bulgarian or Greek from a local dairy) . I top it with banana/berries/plums/prunes too, and sometimes freeze it to make an "ice cream". She loves it! If my husband and I are eating yogurt she always comes begging for some! I've even topped it with sweet potatoes or squash!
JudiAU's Avatar JudiAU 06:26 PM 09-14-2013

Non fat flavored is not a great option. Full fat would be a much healthier option. Babies *need* fat.*


Plain would be a healthier option. Vanilla cut with half plain would be a healthier option. And I would closely look at the sugar content compared to unsweetened and fruit-flavored. Vanilla is almost always the sweetest option. 


But yogurt in general is great at that age.

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