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We generally don't, by the end of the day were all just kinda exhausted and wanna decompress and be alone. Plus, DS has his own hours and is often out at the time we would eat dinner together.


How about you?

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We usually do, except lately my DS has decided he wants to nurse/nap right at dinner time. So DH and DD eat together while I nurse the baby, DH then takes the baby while I eat and get DD tucked in to bed. None of us really likes this though, I hope the baby changes his sleep pattern again soon. We all miss family dinner time.

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Yes, more or less every day. :eat

It`s mostly just me and LoveBug (12 YO), but once a week his best friend eats dinner with us, and once a week his father comes over for dinner. Some days we eat in front of the Tv, but most days we eat in the kitchen when it`s just the two of us. :)

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Yes, most evenings. Have done so since the kids were able to sit at table. They are now teenagers.

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We do most nights.  When the kids were little we had dinner together every night, all four of us, or the kids and I if dh was traveling.  My younger dd has sports practice till 8pm 3x/wk.  So on those nights only three of us eat together. And when she gets home, we sit down with her while she has her second dinner (she eats a full meal before practice but dh and my older dd aren't usually home that early).  Oh, my kids are 14 and 12.  

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Nope. My 4 year old eats at 5:30 in time for bed routine at 6:30. I usually have a token serving and sit with her for a few minutes. I eat with DP when he's home from work at 7:30 or so. On weekends we make a point of having sit down breakfast and lunch, though.
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It is just my 6 year old and I but yes...we sit down for dinner every night..most Sundays for breakfast also..this is when she has my undivided attention and tells me all about her day... smile.gif
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We've always eaten every meal together. Before children it was Husband & I in front of the tv, but now we're 6 & squeezing out of the sides of our too small formal dining room. If another one comes along a new table situation or tv trays (do people still do that?) will have to be figured out. Husband only eats w/ us for supper, he's usually reading the news when we eat breakfast & working over lunch.

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Dh has always worked long, long hours. 


When the boys were young I used to eat meals with just them.


As they grew older and were involved in activities outside the home ( sports, Scouts, school plays, marching band, jobs, etc.) it became difficult to eat together with the boys, especially once both boys were busy with different activities at different times.


Now ds#1 has moved out, ds#2 is in college and working, but living at home, dh still works very long hours, plus now commutes an hour each way, so...meals together are still unusual. 


Ds#2 and I sometimes eat breakfast together and occasionally eat lunch together. He is pretty busy and so am I several days of the week. 


I had always had visions of family time around the table and that never really happened, not even on weekends! 


We DO eat together at holidays, though. :) 

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Usually.  My partner and son have been having a hard time getting along with each other the past few years, and at this point we have about two nights a week when my partner (who is the Parent On Duty for about 2 1/2 hours between the end of school and my getting home from work, and who is also the weeknight cook) feels so stressed that he doesn't want to eat and hides upstairs while my son and I are eating together--I don't like this at all; I feel he is giving the kid too much control over his feelings and needs to stick around (even if he can't eat, he could sit with us) and use positive strategies; we are working on it in family counseling.  We allow our son to choose ONE night a week to watch TV during dinner, and sometimes one or both parents are watching it too, but once a week is the limit and he doesn't do it every week.  Occasionally I have to work late or go to a dinnertime meeting.  Other than that, we eat dinner together and have conversation--no reading allowed unless you are still eating when others have finished and left the table.  (We do allow reading at the table at breakfast and weekend lunch, which we sometimes eat together and sometimes not, depending on showers and such.)

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Only on the weekends. During the week, dh does not get home from work until close to 7:00, so the kids eat dinner at 5:15ish and I eat with dh about 8:00 after the kids are in bed. I don't make separate meals or special meals for the kids, I either make it all at once and reheat at 8:00 or if the dinner ingredients are not combined, I'll make the meat/fish in two batches and the sides can sit and wait. On the weekends we eat about 6:00 as a family. Only tv during dinner is the kids watch a movie and have pizza on Fridays.

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Yes, we all have dinner together. A couple of days a week DH works evening an evening shift but, other than that, we're all there.

Breakfast and lunch tend to be more random though.

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We have always tried to eat together, though my family are busy girls and can be doing work outside of town or two might be up London way. But Sunday has always been Family Day where we gather together, often bringing some specially made home cooked dish to share at table. We're a hungry bunch of gannets.

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Yes.  DP travels during the week so it is just me and the kids.  Depending on the season (and the various sports) I often have a sit down meal at 4pm before everyone runs off to their different activities.  Sometimes we all sit down for a bowl of cold cereal or oatmeal at 8:30pm before bed.   I can't imagine trying to serve everyone separately and doing 5 different clean up times!  Often the meal is lovely and we converse, just as often it is bickering, angry eye rolls and breathy sighs of disgust.  :eyesroll


In the summer we used to have sit down breakfasts, until we got a new deck.  Now that our deck is larger and more comfortable we have great family meals outside in the evening.  As people trickle away from the table I am left with a bit of peace!

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We do always eat together. It's not always sitting down at the kitchen table, but we're together. And we generally try to focus on each other and have conversations, instead of just being in the same room and doing other things while we eat. We might make exceptions from time to time and watch a hockey game or movie together while having dinner, but generally we don't do that. 

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Six nights a week. A true feat sometimes but I love it. It is a marvelous way to re-connect at the end of a busy day.
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We have been eating our dinner together as a family, eating together is the best time to talk and bond. We used to pray before we eat and talk about life, school, work and others. It also makes our family strong and sticks together.
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My husband does rotating shiftwork, so it's either the kids and me eating together for dinner, or all of us, on days that he's home around dinnertime. I think it's important.

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we usually have dinner together it's such a nice family tradition
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We do sometimes but we don't make a point of it except occasionally. When my daughter was very young we had family meals but found it didn't suit us so we stopped.

We don't see eating as a social thing, to us it's about nourishment and gratitude. People may be hungry at different times, and family meals also felt like multitasking for us, trying to follow conversation and make mental notes while also being mindful of and enjoying the meal. We had better family time by spending time together in the evening or taking walks / playing when we could pay full attention to our relationships.

We will sometimes sit with a person who is eating but the "visitor" tends to be aware that they are a guest at the other person's meal and doesn't draw out deep discussions or anything.

Now that we have an empty nest my husband and I eat together more often out of routine but we don't talk much, we are in the habit of saving conversation for other venues.
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