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mamaofthreeboys's Avatar mamaofthreeboys 10:43 PM 07-03-2004
Making veggie sloppy joes with Yves Meatless veggie ground for me (a first so we'll see how it goes) & sloppy joes w/ground beef for my DH~

lactationlady's Avatar lactationlady 12:18 AM 07-04-2004
I use this recipe: Spinach Cheese Squares

I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of regular flour. I also used a little less cheese (prob about 10oz) and only 1 tbl butter. It's still not exactly a healthy recipe, but it is yummy.
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 02:10 AM 07-11-2004
i made salmon patties, corn, tomato/cuke/onion pickles, homemade tortillas.
and ds got the iroquois story of the three sisters at bedtime, since we planted corn, beans, and squash a few days ago. you could call it a unit study, lol.

(btw, ot, but a native american family that took me and my boyfriend in when i was a teenager and we had no place to stay, taught me to make the salmon patties, so altho' it wasn't from canned salmon we caught ourselves- and omg, that was good salmon- the patties are more cool then they sound! i wasn't a christian when i met them, but their quiet example of giving me shelter and treating me like family did more to set me on the christian path than any sermons or judgement i've ever heard. years later i still think of them and what they meant in my life. and make their salmon patties )

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