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MamaAllNatural's Avatar MamaAllNatural 10:10 PM 06-02-2004
Hi, I am looking for punch recipes that are as natural as possible. It's for my friend's dd's preschool party. I need some punch recipes anyway so I told her I'd ask here. TIA!

MamaAllNatural's Avatar MamaAllNatural 12:30 AM 06-03-2004
Please? Anyone? All the ones I find in searches have things like soda and sugar in them. No one?
yitlan's Avatar yitlan 12:31 AM 06-03-2004
What about lemonade with honey or stevia?
alsoSarah's Avatar alsoSarah 12:42 PM 06-04-2004
I have no idea if this is what you're looking for, but homemade lime-ade mixed with frozen raspberry juice concentrate is good. I throw in a little carbonated water.

luz's Avatar luz 03:15 AM 06-06-2004
my kids love "fizzy juice": just add roughly equal parts juice and seltzer water or club soda!

MamaAllNatural's Avatar MamaAllNatural 03:22 AM 06-06-2004
Thanks for the replies everyone. They sound really good!

For that party my friend ended up putting some lemon sparkling mineral water, orange juice and fresh rasberries and orange slices. She said it turned out pretty good. Sounds good to me!