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paniscus's Avatar paniscus 08:06 PM 07-19-2004
I am looking for some different or unusual jam recipes - I am tired of the same old same old - peach, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry. I want something different. Last year I tried lavender and peach but you can't really taste the lavender. I also tried a strawberry and fig jam that is . Do you have any ideas??

eta - I currently have peaches and blueberries but would be interested in anything right now. Thanks again -

BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 01:14 AM 07-20-2004
I intend to make rhubarb/strawberry tomorrow. And, fireweed jelly as soon as we go pick 8 cups of blossoms. ayayay
Recipes are on here if you want
miss_sonja's Avatar miss_sonja 02:04 AM 07-20-2004
It's delish! Use about equal proportions of all three fruits. So tasty!
linnea's Avatar linnea 03:02 AM 07-20-2004
Don't mean to hijack your thread, but do you know if you can make jam or jelly or something with green grapes? We have a prolific vine in our backyard and there's NO way I could eat that many grapes?
paniscus's Avatar paniscus 11:27 AM 07-20-2004
I saw the fireweed recipe when I was looking around and it looked really interesting but I don't know what it is or if it even grows here.

miss_sonja - that jam sounds wonderful. i was looking around online and saw a peach mango one that sounded yummy.

linnea - I have never made jam/jelly from green grapes before but I can't imagine that you couldn't. It might be interesting to try making some wine also. I think that would be fun.