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aircantu1 07-08-2002 02:01 PM

I just bought the book Great Good Desserts and would like to try out some of the recipes, but I am clueless as to where to get some of the ingredients, what they look like, where to look in the store, etc... I am assuming I will be able to find most of these things at Whole Foods, as the tiny organic/ health food section at my neighborhood grocery store did not have them.

Can somebody please tell me what to look for, what form these ingredients are (powder, solid, etc...) and just a general idea of what I'm doing. Thanks!

I need:
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour (is this different from regular whole wheat flour)
Barley Malt (??)
Arrowroot (??)
Maple Sugar (??)
Blanched/ Pressed Tofu (There are so many different kinds, lite, silk, etc... And, is blanched/ pressed something I do to it, or do I buy it that way??

Any ideas? Thanks!

DreamWeaver 07-08-2002 02:10 PM

I have the same book, and so far have been able to find most of the stuff at Whole Foods.
Whole wheat pastry flour can either be found at the baking section in bags, or you can find them at the bulk bins section.
I have not used barley malt yet; arrowroot can also be found at the bulk bin.
I also did not find maple sugar, but you can sub with Sucanat, or even maple syrup.
The tofu you buy in containers (they will tell you if it's soft, firm, extra firm or silken), and then you have to blanch and press them yourself, there's a page in the book that tells you how to do it.
The staff at Whole Foods can easily help you locate these items.
Good Luck!

mamachiquita 07-08-2002 02:10 PM

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour - Look in the bulk bins at Whole Foods, or you can buy it in bags in the dry grains/flour section.

Barley Malt - Should be found with the natural sweeteners - I think that it comes powdered.

Arrowroot - A thickening agent. It may be found in small containers in the bulk section. It is a white powder.

Maple sugar - Look in the sweetener section. I think this is granulated.

Blanched/pressed tofu - I would buy firm or extra-firm tofu and press and blanch it myself. To do this, slice the block of tofu in 4 or 5 even slices, arrange on a towel on top of a plate, place another towel on top, top that with another plate, and place in the fridge for an hour or two with some weight resting on top of the plate. When done, blanche the tofu, which I think would be done by placing it in boiling water for a very short amount of time, and then quickly removing it.

Parthenia 07-08-2002 02:42 PM

Barley malt is a liquid that comes in a jar, in the sweetener section. It's very yummy in peanut butter cookies. The brand name I've seen most often is EdenFoods, which is a very common brand found at health food stores. If you can't find it at the store, you can buy it directly from EdenFood's website:

King Arthur makes a ww pastry flour (unbleached), and you can find it a most mainstream supermarkets. They also make a coarser ww flour called "traditional", which is very yummy in baked goods. You can also find it in bulk.

If you can't find arrowroot in the bulk section, look in the bulk herbs section. If all else fails you can substitute corn starch.

Here's a quick unscientific guide on tofu. Silken tofu is great for making sauces like soy mayo, in soups, or eaten raw. Firm is best for stir fry's, scrambled egg substitutes, marinating, etc.

Good luck!
edited to add: BTW King Arthur flour is employee owned.

aircantu1 07-10-2002 11:08 AM

Thanks everyone! I'm gonna print this thread and take it to Whole Foods with me...I wish it wasn't so far away.

hydrangea 07-10-2002 11:22 AM

BTW, I have that book, and I always cheat. I never blanch my tofu, and depending on what brand I get, I sometimes don't even press it. With Nasoya and other major brands, I press when the recipe calls for it, but when I get "Local Tofu" from Nyack, NY, I don't press. It's so firm to begin with. I love that tofu. The recipes always taste great anyway. It's really a good book. That chocolate sauce is to die for.

I think I would blanch my tofu if I got it from a bulk bin or bought it in a big bulk food service type container (which is probably what the author does).

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