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AutumnWind's Avatar AutumnWind 01:30 AM 07-11-2002
My ds LOVES watermelon popsicles (just the watermelon buzzed in the blender). But he WON'T eat other kinds of fruit popsicles, like blueberry, strawberry, or grape. Those fruits have a natural tartness to them & I think that's why. Too puckery.

I'm wanting to get some of those fruits in, though (cause he won't eat 'em raw, either), in a yogurt popsicle. How do you make them? Do you just do the fruit and yogurt, or do you add vanilla & sweetener?

I'm going to experiment myself, but I'm just wondering if any of you have a tried-and-true popsicle technique for a picky fruit eater who likes stuff really sweet.

(also, does anybody add banana to popsicles? i wasn't sure how it'd freeze)

bestjob's Avatar bestjob 01:39 AM 07-11-2002
We don't add fruit, but I have found that higher-fat yogurts make nicer popsicles because they don't get quite so crystalline when they freeze.
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 01:43 AM 07-11-2002
I put some strawberries in first and puree, then add some unsweetened yogurt and blend in the blender. I added sugar the first time but it was too sweet since the berries were really ripe. So taste and decide if it needs sugar. There isn't really a wrong way to do it, it depends on how fruity you want it.

Have fun it was yummy.
Valerie.Qc's Avatar Valerie.Qc 10:07 AM 07-11-2002
Frozen bananas!

My dd like to peel the banana, cut it in half and put a coffee stick in them, then she dip the banana halfs in melted chocolate to coat them and we froze them on a waxed or parchemin paper.

You can also put your banana in with your other fruits in the blender to make your popsicles. (we like banana puree mixed with orange or pineapple juice - drink it or froze it! )
Elismama's Avatar Elismama 07:27 PM 07-11-2002
I make these all of the time.

I make a smoothie- something like this

unsweetened yogurt
additional fruit- mango, berries, etc.
sprinkle of ground flax seed
sprinkle of toasted wheat germ

whirl it around and taste for sweetness- add a little honey or maple syrup if it is too tart. I give Eli a cup and freeze the rest in popsicles. He loves them.
z-girl's Avatar z-girl 03:12 AM 07-18-2002
I made blueberry and yogurt popsicles today and was pretty disappointed. They taste too sour and are icy. I was hoping for creamy and fruity. I guess I'll keep experimenting! DD loves them, of course, just as they are!
Elismama's Avatar Elismama 11:09 AM 07-18-2002

are you using whole milk yogurt of fat-free. I think the whole milk yogurt makes better popsicles. Also, someone on another thread reccomended adding a little heavy cream to make frozen yogurt less icy. Blueberries aren't very sweet, maybe add a banana to add sweetness?

z-girl's Avatar z-girl 10:08 PM 07-18-2002
I used whole milk. Yeah, I agree, a banana would add nice creaminess and sweetness. I have all summer to tinker!