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village idiot's Avatar village idiot 05:07 AM 09-14-2004
I bought these thinking they were sweetened. I wanted to make my version of trail mix. (raisins, peanuts, chocolate chips). Well it doesn't work so good when the chips are not sweet.

Any body have any ideas?

rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 01:43 PM 09-14-2004
if you are putting anything else sweet in like dried fruits or honey it probably will taste ok. personally my favorite thing to do is to cut dates in half stick and almond in each half and dip into melted carob.. it also works good with strawberries!
Mama Lori's Avatar Mama Lori 04:01 PM 09-14-2004
I would just add them to muffin or cookie batter. If the batter already contains sweetener, it should not matter that the chips aren't sweetened.

I have also used these to make carob frosting for cake or cupcakes. I just baked the carob chips in the oven until melted, then stirred in hot half-and-half and a little vanilla extract. Makes a yummy frosting even if the chips are unsweetened.
village idiot's Avatar village idiot 12:26 AM 09-15-2004
Thanks for the replies.

I'll try the chips in my trail mix after I buy more raisins.

And I didn't think about trying them in muffins. I'll have to try that too.

Thanks for the ideas!
xenabyte's Avatar xenabyte 03:32 PM 09-15-2004
Pop one in your mouth to see if you like the unsweet flavor before you put them in a recipe you can't remove them from! hehe...

If you want them sweeter, then melt them as you would unsweetened chocolate, add sweetener and make appropriate recipe (brownies, frosting, cake, etc.)

I can handle bittersweet chocolate only so far, and unsweetened BLEH!. So I probably wouldn't like unsweetened carob bits...but that's a personal opinion...hehe
Mama Lori's Avatar Mama Lori 04:57 PM 09-15-2004
xenabyte I know what you mean - I hate bittersweet chocolate too - but I love frosting made with it (even unsweetened) as long as the cake it's on top of has sweetener in it. As long as it's rich and creamy, it kind of offsets the sweetness of the cake and you just taste the rich chocolate (or carbob!)