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callmemama's Avatar callmemama 09:49 PM 12-28-2004
I have a recipe that calls for wrapping gluten rolls in aluminum foil. Not wanting the aluminum exposure for health reasons, I read that I could wrap it in parchment paper first. Now I find out parchment paper is coated with silicone to make it non-stick. I've given up all my non-stick pans, so this doesn't sound like a good alternative at all! Anyone have any suggestions? TIA!

tsfairy's Avatar tsfairy 10:15 PM 12-28-2004
love2all's Avatar love2all 10:28 PM 12-28-2004
Beyond Gourmet makes an unbleached, chlorine-free parchment paper that works wonderfully.... I am not sure if it can be used as foil but it is a quality parchment paper
callmemama's Avatar callmemama 03:37 PM 12-29-2004
Thanks for your replies!

The parchment paper wouldn't replace the foil; it would just go under it so the foil doesn't touch the food.

love2all, does Beyond Gourmet coat their parchment paper with silicone? That seems to be the definition of parchment paper, but I haven't found anything to say if BG does or doesn't... I know its unbleached, etc.
love2all's Avatar love2all 03:41 PM 12-29-2004
The package says that it is 100% unbleached paper- that is it so imo I think it is not using silicone but I don't know for sure. really it is the only pp I have ever bought so I was unaware of the silicone added in 'normal' brands
captain optimism's Avatar captain optimism 03:39 AM 12-30-2004
My friend who thinks that parchment paper is too expensive uses waxed paper for a lot of baking stuff. I don't know how hot an oven you are talking about here. I had never heard about the silicone issue. I use parchment paper with great success, hope I'm not poisoning my family!