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isosmom's Avatar isosmom 07:43 PM 01-10-2005
Ds has suddenly decided he'll have nothing to do with baby food anymore. He wants to feed himself, finger foods only. Well, that's just fine and dandy except he's left me with a freezer full of food that I've made for him. I would hate to just toss it, is there anything creative I can do with it?
I've got some millet and peas, sweet potatoes and quinoa, and some mixed veg. I'd think soup but wouldn't it be bland?

Bippity's Avatar Bippity 11:03 PM 01-10-2005
I did that too! I ended up getting kind of creative & mixing a lot of it into other things I'd make for DD. I'd make her pasta & the sauce would be something like tomato (or cheese or white sauce) with one or two cubes of the veggie purees in it. I got pretty creative at just incorporating a cube here & there in what she wanted to eat-she didn't figure it out & usually ate it up just fine. I'd mix sweet potatoes with apple sauce all the time. You could dump a bunch into a soup & then add some other stuff to make it more exciting.

I got some creative recipe ideas from this site too: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/

HTH!! Good luck!
cathe's Avatar cathe 01:07 AM 01-11-2005
Add it to soup - it will make your broth thick and creamy.