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Mystic's Avatar Mystic 10:37 AM 09-13-2002
A flipside to the thread on the worst.....

Do you have any favourite pre-packaged foods you indulge in?

Here are a few of my fave:

Gorilla O's - organic wheat o's cereal with a hint of cinnamon
Casbah Foods Lemon & Spinach cous-cous
Renee's no-preservatives dressings and dips

Your turn!

tessamami's Avatar tessamami 03:08 PM 09-13-2002
organic fruit leathers (on sale this month for .35 cents)
Nut milk
Rice milk

I'm sure that there are others.
DebraBaker's Avatar DebraBaker 04:35 PM 09-13-2002
Bocca burgers and bocca dogs.

Don't know how they do it

But I wish I knew so I could make the dang things at home and save all that *^(&%^$*&^ money I spend on 'em.

GratefulMommy's Avatar GratefulMommy 05:56 PM 09-13-2002
THere are several cereals we love. Kashi Heart Smart, Optimum Organic, and Gorilla Munch for my daughter.

Also, we've bought a couple of organic pizzas from Trader Joes which are surprisingly good as well. Not as good as homemade, but good for when we're in a time crunch.

I buy Annie's pasta and cheese for my daughter and add broccoli to it. She loves it.

We also buy Soy Delicious Chocolate Velvet icecream. Yummy!
EnviroBecca's Avatar EnviroBecca 06:03 PM 09-13-2002

ramen noodles (I know, they are not healthy! I found out I like Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodles almost as well, and now I have a big pack of rice noodles [more environmental than those little envelopes] and I'm trying to figure out how to season them yummily.)

various cold cereals

frozen and canned vegetables--such a great timesaver!!!
LEmama's Avatar LEmama 04:03 PM 09-14-2002
We love Fantastic Foods' Tofu Burger Mix. It contains dried veggies, spices and grains that you mix with crumbled tofu, form into patties and fry. We also occassionally indulge in Annie's Mac & Cheese. Oooh...and how about Silk Chocolate Soy Milk?!?
Mama Katrina's Avatar Mama Katrina 11:12 PM 09-14-2002
Those RICE DREAM Bars!!! Glad it is a 30 min drive one way to the store, otherwise I would have them out my ears!
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 12:21 AM 09-15-2002
Amy's Enchiladas They have black bean tofu and cheese. Both equally yummy. And marie Calenders turkey Pot Pies. Of questionable nutrative value but yummy none the less.
alsoSarah's Avatar alsoSarah 01:26 AM 09-15-2002
Are we talking about favorites that are nutritious, or the nutritionally bankrupt stuff? (When I was growing up, we had very little pre-packaged food in the house, so now I love it all!)

-Fantastic Foods big instant soup cups (Oh, the Minestrone w/couscous)
-Budget Gourmet Stir Fried Rice & Vegetables
-Ben & Jerry's
-Near East Tomato & Lentils coucous
-Bear Creek Tortilla Soup
-Morningstar Farms "Buffalo Wings" w/bleu cheese dip
-Morningstar Farms Black Bean burgers
-Mother's Peanut Butter Bumpers cereal
-lilyka, those turkey pot pies *are* good! Avoid the fat content information at all costs!
-Stouffers turkey & stuffing dinner
-Prego Garden Combination spaghetti sauce
-Brownie mixes!

Can anyone point me in the direction of a really good frozen vegetarian egg roll?
aircantu1's Avatar aircantu1 09:25 PM 09-19-2002
Bocca burgers and bocca dogs.
I actually saw the recipe for these on the internet the other day...on one of those websites that has top secret recipes...I don't remember where though. I'm sure if you do a search on www.google.com you could find it...if I remember where I saw it, I'll come back and post...
ladylee's Avatar ladylee 01:44 PM 09-21-2002
Any of Amy's or Imagine Food's frozen entrees--they are really, really good! Especially Amy's country vegetable pot pies.
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 01:45 PM 09-21-2002
I love the fantastic foods stuff! have you tryed the galic/onion dip mix? yummmmmmm
we also really like Annies Mac and cheese. we have the rabbit seal of approval on our fridge
and i really like the black bean morningstar burgers too.
another pre packaged item we have on hand all the time is veggie refried beans in a can. the kids love them with a bit of cheese in a crunchy taco shell.....quick and easy lunch alternative to leftovers or PB & J.
I cannot wait to go to trader joes the next time i visit the ILs (ohhh! thats tommorrow!)
bellamama's Avatar bellamama 07:38 PM 09-21-2002
Here's my list...

I love Amy's enchiladas and pesto pizza with brocolli.

Silk chocolate soy milk is soooo addictive...Almond milk too

Nut butters

Veggie,pirate and fruit booty

whole foods 365 natural chocolate chunk bars~~~~sooo yummy and 10 grams of protein.

Morningstar veggie bacon strips

whole foods sells the best veggie buffalo wings~~~so spicy but I can't remeber the brand.


Thanks for this fun and interesting thread Melanie
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 09:51 PM 09-21-2002
oh yeah! those BBQ Tempeh burgers....who makes them???? light life? on a hard roll with sauteed onions.....