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flutemandolin's Avatar flutemandolin 02:09 AM 09-25-2002
Yesterday a neighbor couple whom I didn't even know before stopped by to introduce themselves and they offered me a whole grocery bag full of apples from their trees! So today I decided to surprise dh and bake an apple pie, something I've done exactly once before in my life (with good results). I was having a terrible time with the crust; couldn't get it to roll out without sticking to the rolling pin and breaking up. Finally I got a bottom crust made and I started to assemble the filling. I was in a hurry looking all over for cinnamon and nutmeg in the spice cupboard, and I found the nutmeg and something that looked like cinnamon, and dumped them in with sugar, flour etc for the filling. When I got everything together I set the pie aside to bake later. Before I put the pie in the oven I was cleaning the counter and saw two spice containers I had left out: nutmeg and CELERY SALT!!!! Of course I panicked but the pie wasn't in the oven yet so I ripped apart the top crust and sprinkled cinnamon all over the top of the $%&* thing. Well, it smelled okay while baking and I decided to go ahead and serve it, with the warning to dh that it probably wasn't like my grandma's apple pie. Dh thought it was delicious!!! I decided not to confess my "secret ingredient" .

mirlee's Avatar mirlee 04:43 AM 09-25-2002
Thanks for the laugh! I am glad things worked out.
I like to go by the motto:
If it tastes good, eat it!
(of course, it has to be veggie)

serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 10:37 PM 09-25-2002

thanks for the giggle
glad it was good!