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mthomas's Avatar mthomas 04:38 PM 02-23-2005
I got some brown lentils the other day and want to make a dish in the crockpot. would I need to soak them first?
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Oregonicmama's Avatar Oregonicmama 04:40 PM 02-23-2005
no you don't need to soak lentils overnight. they are just like split peas. Just throw a lb in the pot with 6 cups of h2o and in an hour you have soup. Good luck with your recipe!

ETA: I am refering to the stove top cooking method. The lentil chilli recipe in my crockpot cookbook says to cook for 8 hours on low.
mthomas's Avatar mthomas 05:25 PM 02-23-2005
HerthElde's Avatar HerthElde 09:01 PM 02-23-2005
It is advantageous to soak them overnight to get rid of phytates, however. They are more digestible and their nutrients more bioavailable if you do.
hazeldust's Avatar hazeldust 04:20 PM 02-24-2005
or even just a couple of hours will do for lentils. good luck!