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Persephone's Avatar Persephone 07:30 PM 03-04-2005
What would you eat alongside enchiladas for dinner? I'm having trouble coming up with any ideas.


liawbh's Avatar liawbh 07:32 PM 03-04-2005
Salad with baby lettuces and crushed tortilla chips?
Spanish rice?
broccoli, corn, and colored bell peppers (maybe with chili powder and cumin)?
surf mama's Avatar surf mama 07:36 PM 03-04-2005
I like to have sliced avocados and tomatoes....and spanish rice(brown rice with a little tomato sauce, chili powder and cumin)
nichole's Avatar nichole 07:37 PM 03-04-2005
refried beans
black beans
fresh mango
Persephone's Avatar Persephone 03:21 AM 03-05-2005

I ended up making fresh corn fritters. It's kind of a standby, but yummy!

BTW, what else goes in that salad with tortilla chips?
liawbh's Avatar liawbh 04:18 AM 03-05-2005
I like lime juice, chili powder, tomatoes and kidney beans. Avocado makes it especially yummy!