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cjr's Avatar cjr 06:49 PM 04-28-2005
I decided to start a juice cleanse today. I go to the healthfood store and buy some bottled, non-pasturized juices $$$$$. I looked at the juicers they sell and $400+, way too rich for me. I went to the Supermarket and picked up some more bottled carrot, apple and kiwi juice (not nector and not from concentrate, but flash pasturized?) and a litre was $3.99 (not organic). Then I go to the appliance area and there is a Hamilton Beach juicer. Looked simple, yet effective. It was $40.00, so I bought it. I just did a test run and I think it's great. It extracts loads of juice. I used 4 carrots, 1 apple, 1 beet and a huge piece of ginger...it gave me over a cup of juice and no more pulp than the expensive bottles I just bought. The only thing is that this one is plastic so the inside stained from the beets and carrots. The cutter and strainer is metal.

So, tell me what the difference is. If I even get a good 6 months of juicing before something on this one breaks (which should not happen if I take care of it properly), I will very happy and it will have more than paid for itself. Heck, I just knocked off $4.99 already with this glass of juice. :LOL

xenabyte's Avatar xenabyte 07:41 PM 04-28-2005
Hey CJR,

Well the 'Birthday Fairy' just delivered me a 'Omega 8003' juicer.....let me say, we just test 'drove' it with some apples that needed using up, and it was awesome. Super quiet, easy to clean, plus it does 'ice cream, nut butters, salsas, wheatgrass juice (usually you need another kind of juicer to do that) and any vege/fruit juice.

It also is a slow RPM, single gear that doesn't heat up the juice and it helps to 'preserve' the fresh, raw mineral/vitamin and enzyme content. Most 'centrifugal juicers', while being better than 'nothing', heat up the juice and it starts to degrade pretty quickly (as noticed by the juice starting to turn colors sooner as it oxidizes).

So, use that 49 dollar one, to make sure you are really gonna juice, then for the 'long haul' try to invest in a 'single/twin' gear type model. The Green Star juicer is supposedly a good one, the Champion is a 'hallmark' of juicers, and I just love this Omega!

I'm doing another 'MC' cleanse, followed by 'zapping' and a Diatomaceous Earth parasite detox and then a liver/gallbladder cleanse in the next few months.

Good luck with your juice fast. Oh, stay away from any bottled juices...unless you fresh squeeze it (juice it) yourself in the morning. Seal it in a tightly closing glass jar (preferably a dark glass jar, like old beer bottles with porcelin/rubber stoppered lids) and drink it up by end of the day.

I'm sure the Dh or someone in the family would be willing to 'sacrifice' themselves to buying a few bottles of beer (grolsch) that has that kind of lid, so you have a (free after drinking the beer) supply to keep on hand for saving your potions....

fireflies~for~me's Avatar fireflies~for~me 08:44 PM 04-28-2005
I second the Omega juicer! We love ours--quiet and super easy to clean which is a real plus!
prana's Avatar prana 09:27 PM 04-28-2005
TopazBlueMama's Avatar TopazBlueMama 09:46 PM 04-28-2005
The main differences is the loss of enzymes and nutrients, but you are still getting plenty of benefits from the cheap ones. Just be sure to strain it well and drink immediately.
I usually tell people to stay away from the Hamilton Beach ones, but I'm glad you don't seem to mind it too much. I tried it at my parents once and was not happy with it because you had to chop up the veggies/fruit too small, it didn't get as much juice out as I was used too, and was much pulpier. I had the Krups model (about $69) and was happy with it.
But now I have the Omega 8002 (I think it's the same as 8003?). I like all that I can do on it, I wanted one that would do wheatgrass too.
Definately use yours as a starter model to see how well you will do with juicing! I think it's so good for you, we need those extra nutrients to be absorbed quickly into our bodies these days!
cjr's Avatar cjr 11:11 PM 04-28-2005
I think the only thing that bothers me is the chopping, but I figure if I just chop what I need then it's not too bad. It seems to get quite a bit of juice, but I have nothing to compare it too.

We will see how the cleanse goes. I would like to do wheatgrass, but I'm not anxious about it. There is no way dh would have let me spend anymore money on one, so we're good for now. My friends are coming up from the states in August, so if I'm still really into it then I will order a better juicer and have them bring it up for me.

I'm still not clear on how you could be loosing so many nutrients and enzymes. It can't be heating up the juice that much, because it's still just as cold as the vegetables were when I put them in the juicer. The juice isn't warm or even slightly warm at all. It's really not that pulpie either. I made this last batch with pear, so it was pretty pulpie. When I made it the first time with apple and carrot it didn't seem to have anymore pulp then the kind I bought from the health food store. I will do a double strain just to be sure. Thanks for the tip.
callmemama's Avatar callmemama 11:19 PM 04-28-2005
I've been researching juicers and was trying to convince myself that the Green Star was the way to go when I saw your post, cjr ... $40.00? Maybe I should rethink this!

Xenabyte, may I ask why you chose the Omega 8003? I do "think" I want a twin gear juicer, but I've had trouble finding unbiased reviews. I've probably found good stuff about Green Star because I eventually just started searching on "Green Star"! :LOL
cjr's Avatar cjr 12:49 PM 04-29-2005
I'm really happy with it. I get a good amount of juice and it's pretty easy to opperate and clean. It takes a little more time because of the small bin, but hey it's no that much of an inconvienience. I also pulse it, I don't keep it running so I don't feel it's heating the juice up at all. If I like juicing then I will consider a better machine, but for now it's fine.
ishtarmaia's Avatar ishtarmaia 04:20 PM 04-29-2005
Hey, cjr. I got myself an Omega at the trhift store for $10!!! It was definitely my thrift store Score of the Year last year. It ROCKS!!! It is a centrifugal juicer and the juice comes out cold to cool, just like you said, so I'm not buying the "losing nutrients" arguments. That's probably just hype to sell different kinds of juicers, IMHO.

I, too, am juice fasting. On my 10th day today and feeling great. You should know that pulpy juice still has to be digested, which is not what you want when fasting. The juice needs to be strained to keep the pulp from "waking up" your digestive system during your fast. I am using cheesecloth and a nice rubber band--high tech, huh.

For LOADS of info. on juice fasting, check out freedomyou.com. It is very God based, but that can be overlooked if you are not religious. The information about juicing still applies.

Have a great fast!!!
prana's Avatar prana 06:10 PM 04-29-2005
cjr's Avatar cjr 10:06 PM 04-29-2005
ishtarmaia - I have given up already. I was speaking to a friend and she was worried about my liver and kidney function during the fast. Especially because I have never detoxed before. So, I went to my healthfood store and for the first time actually spoke to someone who knew what she was talking about. She did not recomend juice fasting for detox, especially with 3 kids. She also said it was important to have some liver and kidney support while detoxing. I bought a detox kit, she said it was really good. It's only a 7 day detox system and I can still eat, which is what they were both concerned about. She made some very strong arguments such as my cold climate and all the every day exposure to modern day polutants will actually interfere with the detox process. So, I will start this one tomorrow. I'm really glad I bought the juicer though. Oxidization doesn't have much of a chance since I drink it before it's even done pouring through the spout.
xenabyte's Avatar xenabyte 02:59 PM 04-30-2005
Originally Posted by callmemama
I've been researching juicers and was trying to convince myself that the Green Star was the way to go when I saw your post, cjr ... $40.00? Maybe I should rethink this!

Xenabyte, may I ask why you chose the Omega 8003? I do "think" I want a twin gear juicer, but I've had trouble finding unbiased reviews. I've probably found good stuff about Green Star because I eventually just started searching on "Green Star"! :LOL
Just for clarity too, the Omega 8003 is a single gear (one big 'corkscrew' looking thing) and it worked amazingly well on the 'test drives' so far.

I (and the Dh) choose the Omega because I have been making /alot/ of un-cooked vegan foods for the past few weeks, since my last cleanse. I wanted the additional benefits of being able to puree baby foods, make frozen fruit 'ice creams' and it will even extrude 'pasta' and make nut butters and other 'emulsions'. I wanted the ability to play with raw vegetable 'pastas' and that's on my list of 'experiments'.

I know the champion and the 'green star' can do many similar things. The green star didn't have the 'pasta tips', and the Champion didn't list the ability to do wheat grass juice (not sure if it has pasta tips).

Also, like the green star, the Omega does wheatgrass with no change in parts. So that's why I picked it and the Dh went ahead and got it for a birthday present...haha... now, if only the Excalibur dehydrator would get here!

I would have bought a Green Star, from watching the 'Juliano' demo if the hubby hadn't pointed out the pasta tip thing...haha...he's so charismatic!

I would agree with above poster, the Norwalk juicer is the 'King' of juicers. But unless you are living off pure juice, like the 'Juice man/lady', it's pretty expensive!! I tried several times on Ebay to 'score' a Norwalk, but the price kept going past what I was willing to pay...so the DH took pity on me and got me one that is NICE, but not gonna break our budget!

I have an old 'centrifugal' one we got like 10 years ago, it's well used, but I'm happy to retire it now...maybe one of my sisters would like it. I'm amazed it's held up! It was mostly a carrot/apple juicer, as it was small and limited on capacity. The kids liked when I 'juiced' apples, then recombined some of the pulp and sweetened it for 'raw' applesauce.

Oh, made strawberry/banana, coconut/pinapple 'ice cream' for the Dh and kids last night...they LOVED it, and the 'picky eater' 3 year old wanted more!
callmemama's Avatar callmemama 05:33 PM 05-01-2005
Thanks! I'm still having information-overload, but I'm hoping to order my juicer soon! :LOL