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12-03-2002 | Posts: 1,375
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Ia m wondering what kinda Water you give your children. Distilled or spring water. can any one help me with this I hear so much on this subject need advice from mommies.
thanks in Advance
Erin Pavlina's Avatar Erin Pavlina
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12-03-2002 | Posts: 1,829
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Our child gets Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water. I love it!

She does too.
AmandasMom's Avatar AmandasMom
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12-04-2002 | Posts: 1,807
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We drink the store brand spring water. Make sure you double check the label of whatever you decide to buy and makesure it didn't come from some city's water supply!
EmeraldStar8's Avatar EmeraldStar8
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When i was bottle feeding him, i gave him cooled boiled tap water, and now i give him spring water.

P.S I did try breastfeeding.
Marlena's Avatar Marlena
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12-04-2002 | Posts: 3,626
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Filtered water from our well.
Ragana's Avatar Ragana
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12-04-2002 | Posts: 1,985
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Filtered water from the tap
Aster's Avatar Aster
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12-04-2002 | Posts: 1,182
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Reverse osmosis and uv light treated 'bulk' water that we use our own refillable containers for. Used for all cooking and drinking.

We do use tap water to wash veggies.
LunaMoom's Avatar LunaMoom
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12-06-2002 | Posts: 174
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ZephyrHills spring water,seems to taste the best of what's available around here. I'm considering getting some kind of filter system though,probably save $ in the long run. We use bottled for all our drinking,ice cubes,and any cooking where it doesn't boil before you add the food. Living in Florida I worry,the ground water is so high and the pesticide use here is alarming.
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