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mamaduck's Avatar mamaduck 12:32 AM 12-26-2002
Dh took my kids to the kitchen store to choose presents for me. My littlest ds got me onion soup crocks. I don't eat or make onion soup, but they look like handly little crocks. They are cute, anyway. It says on the box they are good for cooking beans in, but there are no recipes.

Does anyone use them for anything tasty or interesting? Recipes -- ideas? How to's?


mamalisa's Avatar mamalisa 04:56 PM 12-26-2002
This isn't very exciting or fancy but my mom always used to make us individual tuna casseroles. It was always the neatest little lunch!
alsoSarah's Avatar alsoSarah 04:54 PM 12-27-2002
Use them to bake macaroni and cheese, mostaciolli, or other pasta dishes...

Or, try filling them with stew, then baking a layer of biscuit dough on top, or try chili/cornbread batter instead.

Individual fruit cobblers/crisps are nice, too!

They might be a nice way to have meals ready for that whole freezer-to-table thing too, when you make extra food.