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boysrus's Avatar boysrus 11:47 PM 01-25-2003
Poor little Derek. he has major dairy issues. I brought home a half gallon of Breyer's vanilla, to see if he could tolerate a little dairy and he had massive digestive upset! Does anyone know of dairy free ice cream(or frozen confection, I should say!) that is both dairy free and soy free. He also cannot have berries, cherries, apples or grapes, so sorbet is out, unless we could find watermelon or mango flavor. but, he can't have corn syrup either, so that makes it hard too. Dh makes watermelon mango sorbet that actually makes you weep bc it is so good, but I would love to be able to stop at the store and just pick something up sometimes.
Does such a thing exist?

Erin Pavlina's Avatar Erin Pavlina 11:52 PM 01-25-2003
Rice Dream. It's made with rice milk and brown rice syrup if I remember correctly.

It's made by imagine foods... check it out at

Good luck! Life without ice cream is yucky.