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RasJane's Avatar RasJane 03:05 AM 01-26-2003
My best friend is having a baby in mid feb. I am so excited cuz she lives 4 hours away and I am going up for a week (more or less) to help out. They are moving into a new house 2 weeks before her due date so she needs lots of help with that, the babe, and her other 2 boys!
My question is, she is pretty mainstream and they eat a lot of meat. I cook with some chicken and fish and that is it. I am afraid I won't be able to help her much since I don't know how to cook the way she does. I have some good cookbooks. Should I just follow these? Get her recipes in advance? Do everything but cook? Does anyone have experiece here?
I should mention she developed gall stones during her pg and the operation isn't until April, so she is limited to less than 15-20g of fat per day!

khrisday's Avatar khrisday 04:33 AM 01-26-2003
I would ask her to send you a couple of her favorite recipes so you get an idea of what they like. Definately do some cooking, and leave the freezer stocked when you come back home.
SqueezeMaMa's Avatar SqueezeMaMa 05:06 PM 01-26-2003
Definitely get some of her recipes and make those. I'm vege, too, and I would have no idea how to cook meat, but maybe she can share some of her "easier" recipes for you to cook for them. I'm sure if you're making food her family is familiar with they will appreciate it SO much.

A side note: I'm pg and most of my friends are meat eaters. I know that there will be lots of people willing to bring a meal for my family after my baby arrives, but it's kind of scary when meat eaters try to cook vege. I'll probably end up with a lot of mac and cheese! However, it's the thought that counts.
Jish's Avatar Jish 07:07 PM 01-26-2003
We are meat eaters, but chicken is our absolute favorite! I'm betting that they wouldn't mind a week full of chicken as long as someone else is cooking it.:LOL You can substitute pork or turkey fillets also. We eat a lot of those two. Beef is my least favorite meat. Use a few different marinades and you can really change the taste of the meat. One of my favorites is a can of frozen orange juice concentrate mixed with some pineapple juice. It's very zesty.

You could always make meatless chili, or rice dishes or cook asian. I would love to have someone cook some meatless meals for me, as I am clueless what to substitute for meat. You might find that she is very willing to try some of your favorite recipes.
RasJane's Avatar RasJane 03:45 AM 01-27-2003
I think I will ask for some of her fave recipes so I am at least in the ballpark. I plan to leave things pretty well stocked when I leave. I have a copy of the Make-a-Mix cookbook and I will probably follow some of that.
Keep the good ideas coming!
momto l&a's Avatar momto l&a 04:01 AM 01-27-2003
If a person was gracious (sp) enought to came and cook for my family for a week, I personally wouldnt expect her to cook what we eat. I would be so happy not to have to worry about feeding my family and just concentrate on the new little one.

Your are so sweet to do such a kind gesture to your friend and her family!