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snuffles's Avatar snuffles 02:19 PM 02-12-2003
Okay so I got a Sunbeam 1 1/2 lb breadmaker.

I want to make whole wheat bread, but the only whole wheat flour I can find is Hodgeson Mill's whole wheat graham flour.

And there is a recipe on the package, and it asks for vital wheat gluten (which I got). But it doesnt say how to use the graham flour in a bread machine. Do I still need the gluten?

Sorry these are dumb questions. The recipe for wheat bread in my breadmachine book doenst say anything about the vital wheat gluten.


3boysmom's Avatar 3boysmom 03:16 PM 02-12-2003
FYI - King Arthur makes a wonderful "white whole wheat" flour that has the same nutrients as regular whole wheat but is not as stiff. You don't need to add gluten when using that. Many years ago, before I found King Arthur (they also make a wonderful flour especially for bread machine use), I used regular wheat flour and I believe I added about 1 tablespoon of gluten per 2 pound loaf. Maybe you should try 2 teaspoons for your 1.5 pound machine. Good luck!

Bread machines are great for wheat pizza crust! Yum!
AmandasMom's Avatar AmandasMom 04:49 PM 02-12-2003
I don't have an answer to your question, I just wanted to suggest that you do an empty run or 2 on "bake" before you actually make bread in it. My Sunbeam smoked like crazy 5 times before it burned off whatever coating it had on it. (yes, I washed the inside and the pan several times but it still smoked). It's all better now!

I buy bread mixes from Sams, variety pack of 7 for like $5.00. Just add water! But I'm going to start experimenting on my own. Look on the web, there are thousands of bread machine recipes to be found...
snuffles's Avatar snuffles 01:00 AM 02-13-2003
thanks ladies!!

Amandasmom, i have used the mixes and they are ok, but most of them had added sugar-- something i'm trying to stay away from-- plus, isnt it cheaper to do it from scratch? (maybe not?)
wow my sunbeam has never smoked! the first loaf smelled kind of funny so i threw it out..

3boys i have heard of king arthur, but hodgson mills is the only brand i can find around here that is whole wheat! (i guess i could drive 30 mnutes away to get some but i never go out that way)

anyway, duh me, i went to the hodgson mills website and found some breadmachine recipes! oh yeah we are making whole wheat pizza this weekend-- im so excited!

oh yeah and last night i made a variation on banana nut bread --- it was black b/c i used blackstrap molasses as the sweetener. it was great!

TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 01:46 AM 02-13-2003
you are a little south of me & amanda'smom- do you have kroger's or bi-lo? they both carry king arthur (at least around here). for non-organic flour, it's the best (i've gotten hodgson's mills a couple times- whole wheat & corn- & it's been rancid- most of the time ok tho'- but i agree, their whole wheat is pretty heavy.) king arthur's rocks!

snuffles's Avatar snuffles 01:01 PM 02-13-2003
susey-- i do have krogers here, but the only kind of king arthur they have is allpurpose (i think-- whatever it was, it wasn't whole wheat flour). i am thinking about checking out some other grocery stores in the area-- i have checked 3 but there are many more.

the hodgson mill's recipe for wheat bread is in the bread machine right now.. just 3 more hours to go and we'll see how it turns out!

snuffles's Avatar snuffles 08:13 PM 02-13-2003
arggh!! it didnt rise as much as I would have liked. In fact it was more like a brick than bread!! I dont know what i did wrong... the water temp, the yeast.. errrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 04:48 AM 02-14-2003
there there... it was the flour. not your fault. (i told you that was some heavy sh*t!) keep looking for the k a, maybe lighten up the rest of your hodgsons' mills with that k a all purpose, and ask your grocer to stock more king arthur! (there is mail order, if you get desperate.)

snuffles's Avatar snuffles 12:22 PM 02-14-2003
thanks suse! I am going to try out some other stores in the area today (if i can get out of the house....)


MSings's Avatar MSings 08:12 PM 02-14-2003
The book "The Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints" is extremely helpful for troubleshooting and tweaking as they give detailed explanations for each ingredient. Authors Linda Rehberg and Lois Conway. For graham flour they say it is a soft winter wheat flour that resembles whole wheat but has less protein (gluten)-produces shorter loaves than whole wheat (best bread is hard winter wheat). They also say stone-ground flour is coarser and it is harder for gluten to develop also leading to shorter loaves and you will probably want to add gluten and/or extra yeast. For gluten they say 1.5 tsp per cup of whole wheat flour and caution that gluten absorbs water so you may need to add 1-2 TBS water if dough is dry. They also say that yeast brands vary and the like Red Star. Keep experimenting!