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Aster's Avatar Aster 10:45 PM 02-15-2003
Anyone have bison recipes that they love?

I'm so excited!! We're getting a side of bison--chemical free, humanely raised, etc... We've eaten bison before and like it but i've never actually cooked with it. Life is such an adventure

Lucky Charm's Avatar Lucky Charm 11:07 PM 02-15-2003
you know, i used ground bison once in meatloaf and it was delicious! I also made hamburgers. amazing, and to me and my family, more juicy than cow burgers!.

my next meal with bison will be stew....cubed bison with carrots, onions, potatoes, a little water added to make a nice gravy.
stormborn's Avatar stormborn 09:03 AM 02-16-2003
I can't think of any recipes, but I always just cook it as beef keeping in mind that it has less fat. I'm jealous... bison is WAY too expensive here so we only get it occasionally. Yummmmm!
Aster's Avatar Aster 12:57 PM 02-16-2003
So i guess that moist cooking methods would be better for bison then, if it's not as naturally juicy/fatty?

A lot of pple grow bison around here, so the price is comparable to beef if you get a whole side. To buy smaller cuts is just astronomically expensive though.

I cant wait. I feel like a little kid waiting for christmas morning. :LOL