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Qtopia's Avatar Qtopia 11:16 PM 02-23-2003
every time i make brown rice it comes out sticky! which would be great if i was making rice balls or rice pudding maybe, but i'd like something a BIT more loose.

i follow the directions on the package (i think i used lundberg's last time): 2 c. water to 1 c. rice, cover, bring to a boil, simmer for 50 mins, then take off heat and leave it in the pot for 10 min. with the lid on. STICKY STICKY STICKY!

is the stickiness my fault, or is brown rice supposed to be this way? maybe i've been spolied by fluffy, devoid-of-nutrients white rice.

any suggestions?

beansa's Avatar beansa 11:24 PM 02-23-2003
I had the same problem so I got a cheap rice steamer & now all my rice comes out perfect.
Golden's Avatar Golden 11:50 PM 02-23-2003
I second the idea of getting a rice steamer. Before I got the steamer, I could never cook brown rice correctly. It was either too hard or too sticky/mushy. I could never get the gas flame down low enough to stay on, etc. The cool thing about the rice steamer is that it is so brainless and comes out perfect every time. They are relatively inexpensive too. At the more pricier stores like Linens and Things or Bed and Bath, I think the small one (for up to 2 cups of uncooked rice) was $14.00. I have seen them at Walmart for less. Maybe $10.00? It is by far the best small appliance I own. OK, besides the coffee maker maybe.....

oceanbaby's Avatar oceanbaby 03:34 AM 02-24-2003
Try rinsing the rice before you cook it. I believe that will make it less sticky.
cielle's Avatar cielle 11:26 AM 02-24-2003
The moosewood restaurant at home cookbook recommends sauteing the rice for a minute or two in just a little oil before you boil it. I do it and it seems to help.
Quirky's Avatar Quirky 12:33 PM 02-24-2003
Also check out the kind of rice you are using. Generally, short-grain rice will be stickier than long-grain rice. Make sure you're using long-grain for less sticky rice.