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Hello! I understand that the hormones in milk are the reason that girls are getting their periods at such young ages. My question is...if I give my daughter only organic hormone-free milk/dairy products, could that make her get her period at a more normal age? I started my period at age 11 or 12 and felt it was SO early as I feel I wasn't ready mentally. Thanks!

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But it would be better for her and you anyway.
11-12 sounds OK to me. 7, 8 or 9, now that's young, and not unheard of, either.
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Actually the concern is that the earlier you start menstruating the longer your exposure to estrogen and a higher risk of breast cancer. Is there estrogen in milk?!!! We drink organic now but I didn't until ds was born...
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Hormones in milk are a reason but not THE reason. The increase in the proportion of girls who are overweight before puberty, xenoestrogenic pollutants in our environment, low fiber in the diet, chemicals in hair-straightening treatments, and various other factors also contribute to a change in the AVERAGE age of first menstruation.

11-12 is a normal age, and it has been for about 60 years, ever since the improvements in nutritition that gradually brought the average age down from about 16 in the early 1800s. Your daughter is likely to start at about the same age you did, unless her dad's family are late bloomers.

If you want to try to keep your daughter from menstruating any earlier than genetics would dictate, hormone-free milk is a good idea, and an even better idea is to have a diet high in fiber and low in animal fats. Even the best milk contains pollutants that cows take in from the environment and concentrate in their milk (and meat).

As for mental readiness, you can work on that by teaching healthy attitudes toward menstruation from an early age and helping your daughter to feel prepared for it whenever it happens.

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