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joyfulheart's Avatar joyfulheart 01:34 AM 02-28-2003
Anyone out there follow the natural hygiene philosophy or raw foods diet? I am curious to hear about your diet and your challenges and rewards!!


kissing.bear's Avatar kissing.bear 06:52 AM 03-19-2003
Have been making carrot, spinach, greens... jiuice since I've been pregnant, now I am at 36 weeks, It's helped me get more fluids, and viamins, it feels helpful and gives my spirit a lift. I am 45 years old, first baby and my doctors and midwives always comment on how good my pregnancy is. Still working 20 hours a week. I also eat hot chicken soup and other hot foods that I crave, being one heck of a winter in upstate NY, cooked veges, meat at times.
AmandasMom's Avatar AmandasMom 11:23 AM 03-19-2003
Raw vegan here, my dd is too. (Being raw is defined as eating 80% or more of your food in its raw, uncooked, unprocessed state). Tho on ocassion I have some cooked food (usually pasta on spaghetti nights but I've found an awesome raw spaghetti recipie so that should change). When I get the urge to eat cooked, like for comfort food, I will lightly steam some veggies. As for changes, I definately feel much much healthier, and I notice that when I eat something cooked, I feel so sleepy after. The biggest challenge I have to deal with is never feeling "full". And since you rely on fresh fruits and vegetables, you become aware of their seasonal quality real fast. Hot house tomatoes, yuckko. I lean towards the fruititarian side of raw foods. It take a long time for my body to digest some vegetables, like carrots. So dd and I eat a ton of fruits a day, nibble on greens like spinach, and eat some walnuts and other uncooked nuts like almonds. We also get raw sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds from Wild Oats.

I get my support and inspiration from Shazzie and Shazzie's Detox Your World . There is also a ton of info as well as a lively message board at Living Foods .
cathe's Avatar cathe 05:06 PM 03-20-2003
I did raw foods for a few years. I felt great at first, slimmed down, lightened up, lots of energy but then I got too thin, cold all the time in those New England Winters, became anemic after a few years. When I moved to California, I did macrobiotics for a year and all that cooked food and grains seemed to balance me out. Now I have a mixture. We do a lot of raw foods/smoothies - in the summer but in winter stick to more cooked/warming foods. We eat a lot of brown rice . . .