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Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 11:48 PM 07-03-2006
Originally Posted by VikingKvinna
OMG, you're brilliant. I am going to do that later this week. I have snow peas that need to be stirfried anyway, so I'll throw some lettuce in. I bet that shrinks it way down too so you can use lots of it. Hee hee.
Yep, it shrinks WAY down.

Rainbowbird's Avatar Rainbowbird 12:05 AM 07-04-2006
Tonight was grilled chicken sausages, (they were really good, have no nitrates or junk) and grilled sweet potato/onion packets. Thank God for the grill. And a side of sugar snap peas. YUM!
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 11:22 AM 07-04-2006
Going to my mom's for a 'hobo dinner' today...before anyone asks, you take a NEW CLEAN metal trash can and put kielbasa, cabbage, potatoes and corn on the cob in there and cook it over a fire pit. I think mom is just using her big stock pot, but still.

I'm taking a bunch of veggies...carrots, broccoli, green peppers, cucumbers, snap peas, celery, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and green onions along with some chipotle ranch dip and red bell pepper hummus.
kallyn's Avatar kallyn 08:45 PM 07-04-2006
Hot wings (chicken drumettes, hot sauce, butter, msg-free ranch powder mix), frozen green beans w/almonds, and salad.
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 11:33 PM 07-04-2006
Originally Posted by Alkenny
Going to my mom's for a 'hobo dinner' today...before anyone asks, you take a NEW CLEAN metal trash can and put kielbasa, cabbage, potatoes and corn on the cob in there and cook it over a fire pit. I think mom is just using her big stock pot, but still.

I'm taking a bunch of veggies...carrots, broccoli, green peppers, cucumbers, snap peas, celery, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and green onions along with some chipotle ranch dip and red bell pepper hummus.
When I was in South Africa, they actually did something similar to this. When they had large gatherings-they took a HUGE pot and had it outside and served people from it.And it was a nice event too, at a retreat type place.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 09:26 PM 07-05-2006
We had loads of fun and ate out of the pot all day. We figured up we spent about $30 total and fed 15 people TWO MEALS! Can't beat that.

Tonight we had bean burgers and a salad with sweet and sour dressing. Have enough leftovers for dinner tomorrow night too.
VikingKvinna's Avatar VikingKvinna 12:28 PM 07-06-2006
Last night we had leftovers/scrounge night. I ate a salad with the LAST OF THIS WEEK'S LETTUCE! and DP had a leftover spinach calzone. We both snacked on zucchini bread afterwards.

Tonight I'm making a stirfry with chicken, snow peas, carrots and black mushrooms.

Lish, you mind sharing your bean burger recipe? I have never had very good luck with them, and I'd love a TNT version.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 01:03 PM 07-06-2006
Bean burgers...I don't have an exact measurement, but this is what I did last night. Be warned that I made a dozen burgers out of this and have enough for dinner tonight.

I reconstituted some dried pintos the night before (about 6 quick handfuls thrown in a pot). Once they were cooked up, they measured out to 6 cups of cooked beans.

I turned 8 slices of bread into breadcrumbs and threw that in there along with 2 eggs, some chopped green onion, garlic and some seasoned salt.

Mashed it all together with a potato masher, then spooned big spoonfuls (ladel size) of it out into some heated olive oil in a pan and fried up until brown on each side (turning them onto a cookie sheet in a warm oven in between batches).

It was too sticky to form into patties by hand, but this way, they still fried up nice and I just pushed them down with the back of the spatula after I flipped them while browning.

Served on keyser rolls with tomato, lettuce, pickle and condiments...YUM!
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 02:09 PM 07-06-2006
We had a country lamb casserole Heaven in a dish.

the night before we did clam chowder. So tongiht we will most likely finish up the clam chowder. And have a nice salad with greens from CSA. Or if dh decideds to eat it for lunch and let me have the leftover casserole.....I might make bubble and squeak. Never had it but it was on our CSA recipe list as we got potatoes and cabbage yesterday.
NinaBruja's Avatar NinaBruja 11:18 PM 07-06-2006
im sitting here eating veggie dogs
i should really get up and cook something...im looking through this thread for ideas...
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 07:55 AM 07-07-2006
ok we had a frittata I believe it is called. Pretty much quiche without the crust. It had potaotes, onions, peppers, sage, grill seasoning, garlic, moZerella, eggs, milk, parmesean. It was really really good!Oh, and the last of our spinach too.

For dessert I made chocolate cherry ice cream
Pretty much : a bit of milk, fresh cream, frozen bananas, cherries, and a peach. 1/4 cup cocoa powder, and some maple syrup, egg, and a 1/2 tsp vanilla.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 09:23 AM 07-07-2006
Tonight is spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread
VikingKvinna's Avatar VikingKvinna 12:03 PM 07-07-2006
Lish, TY for the bean burger recipe. I think frying them might be the key -- I always try to bake mine. Silly me.

Leilalu, I love fritattas! I make them pretty often, usually when I go to visit my mom b/c they're one of her favorites.

Tonight we are having gravlax that we made ourselves -- we do it several times a year with fresh dill and gooooood salmon from the farmer's market -- along with new potatoes, some hard-cooked eggs, and mustard-dill sauce. Seems like there ought to be some shots of aquavit involved too, but I doubt that'll happen.
kallyn's Avatar kallyn 04:55 PM 07-07-2006
Tonight will be split pea soup made with a delicious ham hock.

Haven't decided on an accompaniment yet. Maybe sourdough bread.
Peppamint's Avatar Peppamint 07:07 PM 07-07-2006
we're going to the locally owned mexican restaurant with the grandmas tonight.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 11:29 AM 07-08-2006
Tonight is a toss-up...DH wants pizza (and I have to admit that spinach/feta/black olives sound yummy right now!) but I don't know if I'll have the funds to order or buy the stuff (bill paying day!)...maye peanut noodles? Hmmmm...choices, choices.
VikingKvinna's Avatar VikingKvinna 05:22 PM 07-08-2006
thai tofu with rice noodles and veg, in a peanut sauce. fresh fruit for dessert -- cherries, blueberries, peaches, melon from the market.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 11:55 AM 07-09-2006
Well, we had the pizza...tonight will be noodles, salad, and fresh blackberries.
JesiLynne's Avatar JesiLynne 12:13 PM 07-09-2006
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches..........and I dont know what else, maybe watermelon, and salad.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 08:42 PM 07-10-2006
Tonight was a spicy mac and cheese, cucumber salad and homemade biscuits. I used up some chipotle dip from the 4th to make the mac and cheese creamier, but holy cow! SPICY! That wouldn't have been so bad if it wouldn't have turned the cheese grainy. It was edible, but I think I'll stick to our original mac and cheese recipe next time.
kallyn's Avatar kallyn 09:01 PM 07-10-2006
Chicken kabob sandwiches! I've got chicken breasts marinating in yogurt sauce, and I'm going to serve them on whole wheat pitas with salad greens and hummus. Also extra hummus + raw veggies for dipping on the side.
mamato2boys's Avatar mamato2boys 09:54 PM 07-10-2006
Zucchini cakes
pasta with garlic scape pesto
and greens
craftymom's Avatar craftymom 10:50 PM 07-10-2006
Trader Joe's pasta w/pesto sauce and parmesan cheese. Trader Joe's bread (dh went, so it's a non-ww night, ). Yellow squash from the garden, and fresh cherry tomatoes, also garden. mmmmmm
sunnylady303's Avatar sunnylady303 10:52 PM 07-10-2006
It's so dang hot we just had fresh corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes with fresh basil and mozzerella with a balsamic vinegar/olive oil/locust honey drizzle and crunchy sea salt.
peaceful_mama's Avatar peaceful_mama 01:37 AM 07-11-2006
I made chicken enchiladas tonight--basically I followed the recipe on the back of a can of Old El Paso green chile sauce, but I added spinach and black beans. I washed some organic spinach, threw it in a pan with a lid on it for about 2 minutes, it wilted, then I took the stems off, chopped, and added it to the cream cheese, bean, chicken, chile mix after I turned the burner off. and used whole wheat tortillas. Family still loves them, didn't seem to notice I'd added spinach and black beans....
sagewinna's Avatar sagewinna 02:36 AM 07-11-2006
Split pea soup and toasted ciabatta rolls.
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 02:49 AM 07-11-2006
we had fried green tomatoes last night. With fresh unripe tomatoes from my garden the kids decided to pick
I sauteed them with butter, after dipping them in a mixture of egg/fresh raw milk and then then seasoned cornmeal.

We also had a fruit salad with pomegranate vinegar. it had strawberries, blueberries, nectarine, and plums We also had turkey bacon and homeade blueberry kefir.

tonight we had a curried pea soup with leftover CSA potatoes, and cilantro. It had yogurt and coconut mlk in it. Lots of indian spice too. I love it whnever I make it. We had chicken breasts with it, on lettuce with yogurt.
VikingKvinna's Avatar VikingKvinna 09:04 AM 07-11-2006
Originally Posted by mamato2boys
Zucchini cakes
pasta with garlic scape pesto
and greens
Nicole, may I please have your recipe for these? Well, not the greens; those I can make myself. But I have a bunch of garlic scapes in the fridge from our CSA. And always on the lookout for new zuke recipes. TIA!

Last night we had salad and artichokes, the night before that was a so-so chickpea/kale curry, and tonight is...drumroll please...CHICKEN! Of some kind. I'm not sure what to do with it yet, have to go inventory the vegetables and see what inspires me.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 10:03 AM 07-11-2006
I'm making a pot of corn chowder tonight.
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 02:02 AM 07-12-2006
tonight was simple. We had yummy Niman Ranch hotdogs. And cabbage sauteed until carmel-ey (got that idea here!) And to that I added 21 seasoning spice, and some leftover CSA potatoes, and a big handful of cilantro, and salt.
We also had a fruit salad with plums, bananas, roasted walnuts and raisins and pomegranate vinegar from Trader Joes.

Then dh noticed all the blackberries that ripened on the vine out back and we hurried to get them all before the birds did. So now, er his request I made blackberry cobbler. We will have it with vanilla bean ice cream.Double Rainbow brand. The cobbler was easy I don't measure much, but I will try to jot it down.

About 2 cups of blackberries, washed briefly under cold water.
TBLSP of lemon juice.
about 1/2 to 1 cup of water-enough to cover the berries in the pot.
1 TBLSP (heaping) arrowroot powder
1/4 tsp almond extract
about 1/2 cup sugar(i used demerara)

Put the above ing.(except for arrowroot) in a pot on high heat. When mixture boils, turn down to a bubbly simmer on a low setting. After about 5 min, put arrowroot powder in a tablsp or so of water and stir. Add to pot, turn off heat. Stir occasionally, letting it thicken.

1 1/2 cups flour
2/3 cup sugar(split in half)
2 tsp cinnamon(split in half)
1/2 stick melted butter

melt butter, add sugar, cinnamon, and flour, mix until crumbly. If needed, add more flour to get the right texture...crumbles.

pour blackberry mix in an over safe container, add crumble mixture atop. Mix the rest of the sugar/cinnamon and sprinkle on top.
Bake at 400, until it really browns on top and seems done.
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