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MummaMel's Avatar MummaMel 10:42 PM 05-24-2006
I made my first batch of homemade yogurt this week. It's tastes good but is a little grainy. Is there anything that I can do about that?

I added honey and vanilla. I didn't think dd would go for it without a bit more sugar, so I added a very little bit of brown sugar.


nathansmum's Avatar nathansmum 06:09 AM 05-25-2006
Sorry, can't help with the graininess, but FWIW, both my kids love yoghurt plain and kind of tart - in fact when my ds was about 18mth and a family member we stayed with for a holiday brought him some fruit/sweetened yoghurt he kicked up a big stink because he was expecting his usual plain yoghurt LOL.
krankedyann's Avatar krankedyann 01:07 AM 05-26-2006
Did you use fat free milk? The lack of fat can cause it to be grainy. 2% or whole milk do best for yogurt making.
MummaMel's Avatar MummaMel 10:36 AM 05-26-2006
Thanks, Krankedyann! I did use skim milk b/c that's what we normally drink. I'll have to try 2% next time. ps I recognize your name from the holisticpreg board.

nathansmum- I'll have to try giving it to dd plain. I'll let you know.