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solstar's Avatar solstar 08:26 PM 03-07-2003
dds and I are going to make butter this weekend.
We used to do this in Girl Scouts (my mom was the leader so I should remember this stuff!) I bought some baby food so we can make it in jars.
Ok so what do I use?
heavy cream or whipping cream?
I bought some of both.

Whichever it was we poured it into the jars and shook it until it thickened into butter and sometimes added stuff like garlic or herbs.

jessikate's Avatar jessikate 03:28 PM 03-08-2003
Either one will work. The only difference is something like 3-5% butterfat. I don't recall which has more fat, but you can check the label for fat content.

Have fun - I remember doing this in kindergarten and being really excited about it!

mojomom's Avatar mojomom 02:51 AM 03-10-2003
We saw this on ZOOM! dd wants to try it. I am curious to know how it taste.
solstar's Avatar solstar 03:56 PM 03-10-2003
we used the heavy cream and AJ (5yr old) and i had glass baby food jars. I gave the 2 yr old a bm storage bottle, plastic, because she has a tendency to throw things!

We filled the jars 1/2 way w/ cream, put on loud music and dds jumped on the bed holding their jars LOL.
AJ put basil in hers, 2yr old made plain, and I made garlic butter.

The butter turned out well. AJ's was all butter, no liquid left, Onyx's was soft butter and mine was a little liquidy but I think I didn't dry out my jar as well as AJ's before pouring the cream in.
dh said it was really good.

What would have made it better: fresh baked bread!
We had to make do w/storebought.