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Lila's Avatar Lila 12:55 AM 07-09-2006
I couldn't resist buying a big ol' bag of organic flax seed to grind up and put in my childrens' oatmeal. I even tossed some into my husband's (he'a a compulsive baker!) monkey bread dough.
Thing is, I am not sure what else to do with it. Any tasty suggestions?

VikingKvinna's Avatar VikingKvinna 09:23 AM 07-09-2006
I use it in smoothies. You can also add about a tablespoon to a bit of liquid and let it sit for a few minutes, and then use that mixture as a subsitute for egg in baking.

saratc's Avatar saratc 11:50 AM 07-09-2006
You can add it to pretty much anything. Sprinkle on yogurt and cottage cheese. The taste is very mild and I add it to pretty much any dough I'm making -- bread, muffins, pancakes, waffles, cookies, etc.
MamaHippo's Avatar MamaHippo 12:20 PM 07-20-2006
I put it on DS's cereal, in all my bread recipes, into soups, and sprinkled on my yogurt and salad.
deliciousjones's Avatar deliciousjones 02:14 PM 08-20-2006
How much do you add to a muffin mix?
timneh_mom's Avatar timneh_mom 04:18 PM 08-20-2006
I put a few tablespoons of the meal in cookies... yum!!
mammatomyboys's Avatar mammatomyboys 11:07 PM 08-20-2006
I put flax seeds into my homemade granola batches.

I also use flax seeds to make a cold remedy. Put a cup or two in water and boil them with some lemon slices. There will be a gelatinous substance that cooks out of the seeds - you want to use a flat wooden spoon and "push" the seeds through so that the gelatinous substance is separated. Then discard the seeds and add grade B maple syrup (or honey, for an older child) to taste. This is a great remedy for coughs and colds. The texture is a little slimy, but my kids haven't seemed to mind.
rrandle's Avatar rrandle 01:57 AM 08-21-2006
i have flax seeds... and I'm wondering how you would go about grinding them? I just got some the other day...
lonestarmommy's Avatar lonestarmommy 01:30 PM 08-21-2006
Also wondering...do you always grind before using or can you use them whole as well?
aprilibarra's Avatar aprilibarra 04:11 PM 08-21-2006
my husband likes them toasted in oil in a frying pan, and then with honey. It makes a nice chewy treat.
Does anyone know if you could sprout flax seeds first, then grind them? April
lilysmom's Avatar lilysmom 12:32 AM 08-22-2006
I grind flax seeds in a small coffee grinder, works really well!
kallyn's Avatar kallyn 01:13 AM 08-22-2006
When I used to buy flax seeds I would make low-carb muffins with them that were pretty yummy.

* 6 T butter - melted
* 3 large eggs
* ¼ cup whipping cream (or half and half)
* Beat these 3 ingredients together, and then add:
o ½ cup Splenda (artificial sweetener) or you could just use sugar
o 1 T maple flavoring I never used this
o 1 T vanilla

* Mix the following together and add to the above: 2 t cinnamon
* 1 t nutmeg
* ½ rounded t baking powder
* ½ rounded t baking soda
* 1 cup ground flaxseeds
* ¼ cup almond meal

Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes. These have got a lot of fiber in them! And they taste great with butter or jam.
leomom's Avatar leomom 09:06 AM 08-22-2006
I use flax meal to make oven fried chicken. I mix the meal with some italian seasoning, garlic, and sometime parmesan and bread the chicken in it before baking. DH and dd love it!
babygrant's Avatar babygrant 12:51 PM 08-22-2006
I've always heard that flax seeds are BEST if they are not exposed to high temperatures because when heated they lose some of their nutritional value. So whenever I use flax seeds, I take the amount that I am going to use and grind them in a coffee grinder, then add them. I add them to oatmeal, yogurt, granola, and smoothies. Ground flax seeds go rancid quickly so they need to be used right after being ground. Also to whoever asked if they can be eaten whole, they can but you have to make sure that you chew them really well because the body can't digest whole flax seeds so they'd come out same way they went in.
swell_mel's Avatar swell_mel 02:43 AM 08-23-2006
You can add 1/4 tsp ground flax seed to 1-2 tbsp of crushed cheerios or graham crackers in a baggie and then add 5-6 1/2 inch cubes of firm tofu and shake to coat the cubes. It makes an yummy easy snack- especially for toddlers.
Ex Libris's Avatar Ex Libris 10:57 AM 08-23-2006
I always sprinkle it on top of yogurt and fruit and add it to ds's oatmeal (freshly ground in my coffee grinder). I also make flax muffins (recipe on the Mothering website). Oh, and I add it to smoothies, too. Yum.
Ex Libris's Avatar Ex Libris 11:14 AM 08-23-2006
Originally Posted by lonestarmommy
Also wondering...do you always grind before using or can you use them whole as well?
You can use them either way. If they're whole, they act more as a cleansing fiber in the colon. But you can access more of the nutrients of the flax if you grind them.
lonestarmommy's Avatar lonestarmommy 11:34 AM 08-23-2006
Thank you!
I love hearing all these great tips!