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Baking Yeast - is it GMO?

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I'm just curious if any or all yeast is genetically modified? I don't understand how they can sell "instant" yeast. What makes it instant? I've used it and it rises faster, but why? Rapunzel makes an organic yeast but it's like a dollar per packet! Ouch! Anyone got any info?
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You know, I always thought the only difference was the granule size and possibly some added vitamin C. I just did some googling and did find one site claiming that instant yeast is indeed GMO ( but it doesn't give a source... Ah well, one more good reason to bake with sourdough I suppose!
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They are calling it genetic engineering (in that article) but they don't mean genetic modification.

Breeding different species of yeasts together, etc. to get a super yeast strain is not at all the same as modern GMO practices, which insert genes from an entirely different species (spider into goat, fish into tomato, etc.)

Genetically engineering through breeding has been done for thousands of years.
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I saw a couple articles about wine yeast which said that GMO strains exist in the lab for research, but so many strains are available in the wild that none are used.
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