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Sneezykids's Avatar Sneezykids 12:40 AM 04-04-2003
My son is very allergic but has outgrown oats and barley and I was wondering if anyone knows of a decent bread recipe using these and other grains? I think spelt is probably out since it's wheats close cousin and he is very wheat allergic.
I know oats alone are heavy. Maybe I'll just try throwing some stuff in my bread machine and see what happens
btw, I've made some gluten free breads before that are okay but I thought since we have some of the gluten back (oats/barley) it might turn out better.
~I really would like a 'bread' since I'm still nursing and can't have wheat~
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sarasprings's Avatar sarasprings 03:20 PM 04-07-2003
I need to dig around, but I have a few wheat-free cookbooks (I was just talking to dh about selling them since we didn't need them anymore). Do you want breadmachine recipes specifically?
Sneezykids's Avatar Sneezykids 03:25 PM 04-07-2003
bread or oven recipe will work, whatever you have! I have a gluten free bread baking book but I can use oats and barley now. Whatever you have tried and is good tho I will try!
sarasprings's Avatar sarasprings 09:52 PM 04-07-2003
Forgive me! The books are all gluten-free. They way wheat-free specifically on the front, but also don't include any other type of gluten. Sorry. I was sensitive to wheat specifically.

I do remember that the breads with potato flour in them tended to turn out well -- good sandwhich consistency.

Wish I could have helped.
sarasprings's Avatar sarasprings 11:01 AM 04-08-2003
Last night I was thinking about this and came up with a possibility. What about using a multigrain recipe that includes barley/oat flour and substituting the whole wheat flour for the GF mixture? I looked through WHOLE FOODS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY, but didn't see a recipe that seemed suitable, but I'll keep looking for you.
Sneezykids's Avatar Sneezykids 11:30 AM 04-08-2003
thanks for helping and looking up the recipes. I was thinking that too, if cup for cup I can sub oat/barley and maybe use half that and half the GF mix? I have made the Betty hagmans featherlight bread, it was pretty good..
the other problem is my little boy (and me b/c I'm nursing him) can't have eggs or milk either. that makes it tough! the enrG bread is okay but sort of crumbly. I'm eating stuff on RyKrisp now but I've pretty much have been doing w/o bread for a while now.
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blueridgewoman's Avatar blueridgewoman 03:46 PM 04-08-2003
I think kamut is a great substitute- I've been making bread using honey, water, yeast, a bit of oil, salt, and kamut flour- sorry, no real recipe..... But try subbing kamut for wheat and experiment from there!
cathe's Avatar cathe 07:03 PM 04-08-2003
I think kamut is similar to spelt which are ancient forms of wheat. Some people with wheat allergies can tolerate spelt. I have made bread sucessfully substituting spelt for whole wheat in bread recipes. Oats and barley do not have much gluten so I don't think you'll have much success in a yeast bread but I'm not sure. I looked in my Laurels Kitchen Bread Book and they have some rice bread recipes - here's one (I have not tried it).

Brown Rice Bread

7 cups brown rice flour
1 tablespoon salt
2 2/3 cup tepid water
4 teaspoons active dry yeast
1/2 cup warm water
2 tablespoons honey
1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup Methocel (it says you can have your health food store order this thru Ener-G foods)

Start 12 to 18 hours before you want to bake

Mix flour and salt, and water. Beat for ten minutes.

Dissolve yeast in warm water. Add honey and oil. Then add to flour mixture. Mix by hand or with a machine until smooth. Add methocel and mix well. Dough becomes stiff.

Divide into 3 well-oiled loaf pans. Wet your hands and smooth the tops. Rice in warm, humid place until dough reaches top of pan. When pinholes appear, place immediately into preheatd 350 oven. Bake 45 minutes. Cool completely before slicing.
Store bread in refrigerator or freezer - it goes stale quickly.

Good luck . . . .
Momtwice's Avatar Momtwice 12:17 PM 04-10-2003
Bette Hagman has SEVERAL cookbooks. She tries hard to include recipes with a variety of options for people with other sensitivities besides gluten (eggs, milk, etc.) She even has one called The Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread.

This website sells really good mixes.