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ramona_quimby's Avatar ramona_quimby 11:52 AM 04-07-2003
My toddler is so small and actually lost a little weight over the past 2 months. Does anybody have some good healthy, fattening food ideas for a kid who would be just as happy to just breastfeed all day long for(probably)ever?! He just does not seem to like to eat....

joyful's Avatar joyful 02:04 AM 04-08-2003
I went through this too for a while with my little guy. Slices of avacado are a wonderful source of high cal nutrition for children. Full fat yogurt was another favorite of his. I've also heard that dried fruit is good as well. Maybe you could add ground nuts or seeds to his cereal if he eats that. I would Keep up the breastfeeding as well because it is still a wonderful source of nutrition for a toddler. I hope this helps!
calgal007's Avatar calgal007 02:14 AM 04-08-2003
if you're not vegan, egg noodles are full of protein. If you plop some butter/olive oil/parmesean cheese on top, it's a fairly toddler-friendly dish.
ramona_quimby's Avatar ramona_quimby 09:56 AM 04-08-2003
Egg noodles are full of protein?! I had no idea. Hmmm. Interesting. Edited to add: Actually, I just looked it up. I don't know how much protein egg noodles has, but Japanese SOBA noodles have 8 grams of protein per 2 ounces of noodles. Wow!

I forgot to mention that I live overseas, so it is difficult or extremely expensive to get certain things. I spent $6 on 2 cups of pumpkin seeds today! Ack!

These are fantastic suggestions, though. Thank you. Hope some more are coming...?
princess buttercup's Avatar princess buttercup 11:30 AM 04-08-2003
my toddler loves french toast,
yogurt (whole milk),
I also add yogurt to juice(diluted) when I give her juice.

tessamami's Avatar tessamami 12:51 PM 04-08-2003
And how about drizzling olive oil on everything? OK, not everything but yum!
cathe's Avatar cathe 07:16 PM 04-08-2003
My first thoughts were olive oil and avocado too! ALso, how about almond or peanut butter.

Make smoothies and add olive or flax oil, nut butters or tahini, whole milk yogurt or soy milk.

Grind up nuts and/or seeds in a coffee grinder and stir into hot or cold cereal, rice, etc.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and have some good fats. Tofu also contains some fat.

Sprinkle cheese over veggies, rice, etc.
captain optimism's Avatar captain optimism 09:16 PM 04-08-2003
What do moms feed their toddlers where you live?
ramona_quimby's Avatar ramona_quimby 09:49 PM 04-08-2003
Good question, Captian Optimism. I'm not totally sure. I know babies eat 'super rice', a rice porridge type of thing with teensy fish, mashed up veggies, dried pork in it. My kid loves it and it's pretty healthy.

I'm a little skeptical about the local toddler food, though. People are always giving him candy, cookies and cake whenever we go out. At restaurants, waitresses offer him this crap, and at the temple where we go, the people who watch him skip dinner and give him a constant diet of cake, despite my constant requests to give him 'real' food and not sugar. I see overweight babies and children all the time here, can't say if it's more than the States, but I think it's considered a problem here.

Anyways! Off my rant now. I like the olive oil suggestion, I do have flax oil, too. Once avocados come into the store, we'll try that. And now you guys are really getting me on a nut kick!