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its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 01:13 PM 04-09-2003
I was wondering if making 2 loaves of bread was too much for our family We normally have to throw part of a loaf away. Our 2 loaves of bread are almost gone! I asked dh why he was eating so much bread and he said, "Cause this is the good bread" I LOVE that he said that.

So, fast acting yeat in the pakets is SO expensive it isn't cost effective. Is regular yeast fast acting? I can't find a recipe that doesn't ask for the packets. Do any of you have a good recipe? I tried doing a search but I can't find it........


I'm going to Sams Club today and see what they have I need in bulk....wish me luck!

Elismama's Avatar Elismama 11:16 AM 04-10-2003
Health food stores sell active dry yeast in bulk- it is kept refrigerated and lasts forever if kept in the fridge. And it is way cheaper.

Not sure about Sams- good luck.

Quirky's Avatar Quirky 11:51 AM 04-10-2003
You do not need to use instant yeast. The only difference between using instant yeast vs. active dry yeast (regular yeast) is that you need to proof active dry yeast, ie dissolved in warm water (not hot) with some sweetener for 5-10 minutes to "prove" it is alive before you add it to the flour.

1 packet = 1 tbsp of yeast - by all means buy bulk!

One invaluable tool for making bread is a $10 digital instant read thermometer. This enables you to measure the temperature of the water for proofing (110-115 degrees max) and also to measure the temperature of the bread to determine doneness. All bread is fully baked at 190 degrees, which is the best measure of doneness (as the whole "thump on the bottom and it sounds hollow" thing is way too random).

I found this page which is helpful in walking you through and explaining the steps of breadbaking. There are tons of websites with breadmaking advice, just do a google search for breadmaking. This was just one of the first ones that popped up.

Also remember that for the healthy living thing you're interested in you really need to bake whole wheat breads. White bread is not healthy; it is just like eating straight sugar for the effects it has in your body. White bread, white rice, potatoes => recipe for overweight and diabetes later in life. But there are a lot of great recipes for tasty multigrain breads, do a google search and do some experimenting to see what you like!
BrooklynDoula's Avatar BrooklynDoula 10:09 PM 04-10-2003
I buy the yeast in corn starch in the fridge section and it is 82 cents for 3 loaves worth of bread (and I make really big loaves on a bread stone). The recipe we like is this:

1 pack worth of yeast (1/3 of the cube if you get the kind I do)
dissolved in 3/4 c water
1c warm milk
1/3 c molassas
2 tsp of salt
5ish cups of whole wheat flour
(optional - 1/3 c flax seed bran)

I bake it at 375 on a bread stone. Even with all organic ingredients, except the yeast, I speand less than 2$ per loaf, which is much less than I would have to pay to buy a loaf like it at a store. Yes, it is more than buying "bread", but it isn't just any old bread