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Sativarain1's Avatar Sativarain1 09:47 PM 04-11-2003
and most often??? I'm constantly trying to find new things to eat, and yummy recipes~
My kids get bored when I cook because it seems we have leftovers forever lol
anyway, I make a good lasagna, banana chocolate chip muffins and sweet/sour tempeh over veggies and rice ( from the new farm cookbook) YUM!

please share, and give lots of ideas =)


mojomom's Avatar mojomom 03:52 AM 04-12-2003
Let's see I make good chix pad thai everyone loves it.My family likes my homemade pizza. Dh loves my grilled chix salad he says he could eat it every night. And I just found a great recipe for cheese quesadillas the best we have ever had!I really very rarely cook the same meals long enough for them to become favorites.