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Momtwice's Avatar Momtwice 04:38 PM 02-04-2007
I've looked at some food safety sites but they do not talk about this situation, thanks!

fek&fuzz's Avatar fek&fuzz 04:40 PM 02-04-2007
I think it would be fine. Maybe just soak it in some cold water if it has wilted a bit.
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 04:41 PM 02-04-2007
it should be fine
Individuation's Avatar Individuation 04:58 PM 02-04-2007
It's fine.
sharksmum's Avatar sharksmum 05:06 PM 02-04-2007
Totally fine.
momto l&a's Avatar momto l&a 05:11 PM 02-04-2007
I agree with the above posters
kamilla626's Avatar kamilla626 06:18 PM 02-04-2007
eat it.
Equuskia's Avatar Equuskia 09:42 PM 02-04-2007
Originally Posted by kamilla626 View Post
eat it.
with some cottage cheese mmmm
2happymamas's Avatar 2happymamas 11:30 PM 02-04-2007
I'd eat it.
Jwebbal's Avatar Jwebbal 11:36 PM 02-04-2007
oh no, it's totally ruined, poisonous even, seriously, all you folks who would eat it are putting yourself in such danger, why would you do that?

Just kidding of course :

thankfully, vegetables and fruits are used to being left at room temperature for some time. OP, you are very cute. I asked some question like that once, and learned the truth from some nice folks who didn't laugh at me. And look at me, making fun of the whole situation. How awful am I?
Momtwice's Avatar Momtwice 09:03 AM 02-05-2007
Originally Posted by Jwebbal View Post
OP, you are very cute.
: : :

Thanks everyone. I see a stir fry in my future!