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Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 06:11 PM 02-20-2002
Wow....this thread took of like wild fire!! LOL

The Good Eating forum is kinda lonely so I'm going
to move this on over there now!

Keep talking.........

TXVeggieMama's Avatar TXVeggieMama 06:55 PM 02-20-2002
Green ketchup grossed me out from the start, but even more so when I killed a tomato worm that was on my tomatoes. Green ketchup came out! Ewwwww!!!

Brandy in TX:

solmama's Avatar solmama 03:25 PM 03-27-2002
has anyone seen the peanut butter SLICES? like spreading it is too hard...:
valeria_vi's Avatar valeria_vi 03:37 PM 03-27-2002
and what about this new stuff from Ragu (I do not remember what they called the product)?
teh commercial goes on to say how damn hard and long it takes to make a pasta dish, but now it became so much easier - with Ragu individual packets of quick cooking pasta. Mix and microwave for 3 minutes.
Not only do I try to limit my use of microwave, but also angel hair pasta is done in 5 minues. Mix it with a tomatoe sauce from a big jar and that's it (or any other form of tomatoe you want).
why in the world are those servings from ragu easier???
[edit] I did not search for them in the store, so I'm not sure how expensive they are, but I bet I can eat pasta all week for breakfast, lunch and dinner *lol* (if I cook it) for the price of one box (i.e. one serving)[/edit]
gauge14iv's Avatar gauge14iv 01:36 PM 03-29-2002
ARGH!!! One of my pet peeves - my teenagers know if they want me to snarl at them all they have to do is SAY "lunchables" It drives me NUTS the way they advertise these things and fruit roll ups and chocolate milk and sugary cereals and hot dogs and.... and... the list goes on forever.... as HEALTHY food - like you're a bad parent who doesn't love the kids if you DON'T feed them this GARBAGE...On top of that they market this stuff to the kids in effect telling them "If your mommy doen't buy you this stuff, she doesn't love you!" DH is on a low fat, low sodium diet - the sodium labels are the MOST appalling! if all you get is 2000mg of sodium per day (which is the recommended amount for anyone!) eat 1 lunchable and you are there!

And on another note - why are 10 yr olds menstruating? Why are junior high school students 6 feet tall these days? Why do girls grow breasts at 11? HORMONES!!! We feed them to chickens to make them grow bigger breasts, to cows so they produce more milk, more meat and have more babies! You can't tell me in any scientific realm that this has NOTHING to do with it!!! I can see it in the difference between my 19 year old (Who was raised on organic meat when she ate meat at all, and no hormone added milk and eggs) and my 14 year old who was fed other things (different chain of groceries where we lived at both times)

Don't EVEN get me started on pharmaceutical advertising! YOU pay higher insurance premiums to pay for the TV ads for Paxil, Ambien, and other drugs - I won't let my doctor prescribe me ANYTHING that is advertised on TV - Boycott them all I say!!!

just my (heated) thoughts!

gauge14iv's Avatar gauge14iv 11:20 AM 04-02-2002

I was reading this site yesterday - rude awakening let me tell you!!!

If enough parents were A: aware of what their kids were being slammed with everyday and B: active enough to write letters to congressmen, then we could do something.

In the meantime, all we can do is explain and prove to kids that the ads are lies made to want them buy things!!! Unfortunately, advertising can be a huge influence in our kids self images and overall psyche no matter how ad proof we try to have them be.


I turned off my TV a few years ago - when the OKC bombing was all that was on, I turned it off and didn't turn it back on for four years! After the first year I got rid of the TV. My parents bought me one a year later because they thought the kids should have one, but if we watched anything on it it was only a rented movie here and there.

We didn't suffer for it! and I didn't have young teens screaming "I want I want I want!!!!!!!" at every turn.

gauge14iv's Avatar gauge14iv 11:21 AM 04-02-2002
oops wrong URL - make that
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