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pookel's Avatar pookel 12:03 AM 08-13-2008
My husband is experimenting with eliminating wheat and dairy (chronic digestion problems and I suggested those as the most likely culprits - we know he is lactose intolerant). I need some ideas for what he can eat as we are not used to doing without either of those. He is especially feeling the lack of sweets. Recipes or purchasing suggestions would both be great.

kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 12:40 PM 08-13-2008
Come over to my blog (in my signature). You can check ingredients off when you do a search, for what you're avoiding, and you'll get all the recipes that are safe for you. Two of my kids are food intolerant, and a few weeks ago I decided to go off dairy and gluten as an experiment to see if it would help my chronic back pain (it has -- immensely).
Dark chocolate is usually dairy free (look at ingredients though).
Koala Crisp cereal (like Cocoa Krispies) is what I use when I want a sweet treat, but I've also been making cookies, cakes, brownies, etc.
Personally I find the corn pastas better than the rice pastas (for texture and taste) though they are expensive. I do peanut butter and jelly on rice cakes. Buckwheat pancakes or waffles.
I now have millet flour, sweet potato flour, tapioca starch, light and regular buckwheat, etc.
Bob's Red Mill is a good brand for alternative flours (I get most of mine online) and if you find you really like something, then get it in bulk (like at Amazon.com and get free shipping).
I bought Nutty Flax cereal by the case, and have been experimenting with it for a granola bar type recipe. Lara bars are very good (sweetened with dates).