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mommy2two babes's Avatar mommy2two babes 06:38 PM 09-08-2008
ok so sill me bought some carrots a few day ago and left them in the bag.
There are some patches of mold on them and I am wondering if it is safe to cut off /peel the moldy parts and still use them. Any experience?

LovemyBoo's Avatar LovemyBoo 09:18 PM 09-08-2008
When it comes to veggies and fruits, if you can cut the mold off I think you're fine. I'd probably salvage what I could and freeze them to use in making stock.
SevenVeils's Avatar SevenVeils 09:24 PM 09-08-2008
I wouldn't. Mold has roots, and while they don't penetrate as deeply or spread as widely in hard items like carrots as they do in, say, cheese... still, if I see mold the item (and all surrounding items) are trash. No exceptions.

And I am one who would have zero issue eating yogurt and cheese that had been left out overnight.

But mold is different.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 09:29 PM 09-08-2008
It depends on how big the moldy parts are. If there are only small mold patches, I would (and have) cut off the moldy parts plus a bit extra, wash the "mold free" carrots and store them in a fresh bag, NOT the one that may have mold on the inside. I'd also use those carrots for cooking, not for eating raw.