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Enudely's Avatar Enudely 11:18 PM 09-17-2008
Does anyone use these?
I stopped using the liquid ones because it was getting all over our clothes. These gummy things are yummy!!! They taste exactly like candy and I've been sneaking them on the side too (I'm pregnant). They are very sweet!
do you guys think they are any good/ worth the sugar intake?

Elecampane's Avatar Elecampane 11:14 AM 09-18-2008
I am going to have to keep an eye out for these. I scoured the HFS the other day looking for something like this for DD and couldn't find anything. I had bought some gummy omega-3s at Costco and she HATES them. (I tried them too and they taste terrible so I don't blame her!)
Enudely's Avatar Enudely 12:24 PM 09-18-2008
these ones are so delicious! I am getting addicted to them! Probably good for the fetus!