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RoadBuddy's Avatar RoadBuddy 08:32 PM 10-05-2008
DS is 16months and we are in a bit of a lunch rut and are looking for good lunch ideas. Ideally, they'd be packable and fine eaten cold (we go on picnics often), but any ideas are welcome. He's not too horribly picky but he doesn't have molars so can't chew tougher things, and we aren't doing peanuts yet.

Generally, he has yogurt, some fruit or veggie (often peas or carrots), and either a hummus sandwich, cream cheese and jelly sandwich, veggie burger eaten cold, or something like zucchini bread that we happen to have around. More ideas for the rotation would be great. We're not vegetarians, so incorporating meat is fine, and more veggies are always welcome.


medicmama's Avatar medicmama 11:32 AM 10-06-2008
tuna,salmon,or chicken salads are good for lunches. with crackers is how dd loves them.I just make sure that it is smashed fine.

pasta salads,cold pasta.peas,carrots,corn,steamed broccli. and a little salad dressing. They have some cool mini pastas out. At that age I still cut a peice o pasta in half.

DD loves oatmeal and grits with cheese for lunch. polentta can be shapes and cooked and eaten cool.