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ck1's Avatar ck1 11:56 PM 08-18-2009
Just a question: my DS is 8 weeks old and we just bought a glider to rock him to sleep (we tried not to get one, but realized he likes to be rocked to sleep). But now I'm rocking him while I nurse, even when he might not be tired yet, whereas before I'd nurse him and then rock him to sleep on the glider out on our deck.

Is this a bad habit? Should I nurse him stationary, then when he starts to nod off rock him? Or is it fine to rock him the entire time? I worry that the glider is looing it's "sleeping" affect, and that when it does work he falls asleep before getting enough milk.

Kind of a silly question, but thought I'd ask.


Youngfrankenstein's Avatar Youngfrankenstein 12:06 AM 08-19-2009
Do whatever is keeping baby and mom healthiest and happiest! Forget about habits!
iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 07:36 PM 08-19-2009
I would not worry about it at all- your baby will let you know if and when more milk is needed.