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Breastfeeding > I don't need breast pads. I need breast towels.
Harmony96's Avatar Harmony96 10:25 AM 11-01-2009
I'm just sayin'.

lurable's Avatar lurable 10:45 AM 11-01-2009

I hear ya!
Not to alarm you but mine took a while to settle down---we're talkin' almost a year!
Lynn08's Avatar Lynn08 10:46 AM 11-01-2009

Let me wash a few for you
jenners26's Avatar jenners26 12:24 PM 11-01-2009
LOL! Here too! I've taken to stuffing each side of my bra with 2 washcloths folded into fourths! I had to go invest in more washcloths, because we kept running out!!
curious&eager's Avatar curious&eager 04:44 PM 11-01-2009
I dread feeding the baby in public if I've forgotten my washcloths. And believe it or not, my lo is four months old and it's just now getting better. Disposable pads can hold tons though, lanishoh (spelling?) is great. But, even then I've still soaked through, but I swear it holds like a pound of milk before it'll leak. I too am constantly washing my bath towels and washcloths when they get sprayed with milk during feedings.

My take- a towel is more of a best friend than "my brest friend" nursing pillow with my squirt guns.
Famatigia's Avatar Famatigia 04:59 PM 11-01-2009
They sell breast shells which fit in your bra that will hold/collect leaked milk, either to keep or discard.
bluedaisy's Avatar bluedaisy 05:44 PM 11-01-2009
me too!

my dd is 11 months and i've only just recently been able to leave the house without breast pads, but only if i'll only be out for a short time.
boobs4milk's Avatar boobs4milk 12:14 AM 11-02-2009
right there with you! it is amazing how much milk those lansinoh pads hold!