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M_of_M's Avatar M_of_M 12:55 PM 02-22-2004
I stopped breastfeeding my baby 10 days ago. However,one of my breasts is pretty painful for the last two days and I can feel the "beans" (kind of swallen areas) inside. What can I do to get rid of the pain? Oh, in addition I have a yeast infection.

coleslaw's Avatar coleslaw 07:09 PM 02-22-2004
Oh, how painful!!!

For the plugged ducts, get as much rest as possible. Take hot showers every hour (or apply hot washcloth to infected area - use a diaper over it to keep the heat in) until you start to feel relief and then as necessary and massage behind the plugged area towards the nipple (as in trying to unplug the duct). Since your baby is weaned (I am assuming you won't consider trying to get dc to nurse just for this) can you pump the milk out? If you don't make any progress in the next 24 hours, you may want to consider antibiotics, but usually that works.

Good luck!
M_of_M's Avatar M_of_M 02:19 AM 02-23-2004

Thank you so much. Actually I am massaging it but it does not seem to help. Just now I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor prescribed antibiotics (just like you said). However, my concern now is that if I will drink those antibiotics my yeast infeciton will get worse and it is extremely bad for a pretty long time already. I discussed it with the doctor but she did not have any advice for me.

What's the worst that can happen if I won't take antibiotics but just continue with massage, etc?

I am just trying to evaluate what's the best course of action in my case.
TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 03:46 AM 02-23-2004
I would not use the antibiotics unless I had a high fever, but that is just me

As for the yeast infection--- if you have resistant yeast it can be a true pain to get rid of. I finally got rid of the yeast infection I got with DD at birth (I had antibiotics during labor) right after DS was born. I ended up doing just over 4 weeks of Diflucan to get rid of it. Nothing else would touch it, just send it mostly underground for a few days. Unfortunaly, by the time I had just had enough I was already 8 months pg and we were unwilling to put extra strain on my liver (?) for my labor/delivery.

Good luck!!!
Amandzia's Avatar Amandzia 10:51 PM 02-23-2004
When my twins were weaning I developed a plugged duct too. I was surprised because I didn't think there was much milk left. It helped to massage and hand express some milk (in the shower worked well). I encouraged them to nurse a bit. They nursed maybe once or twice a month for about 3 months (they'd ask to nurse when we were at La Leche League, all those nursing babies).
I think sometimes moms need to wean more gradually or at least remove some of the milk, enough to keep from getting a plugged duct. My twins are now weaned and they'll be 3 in April.
Love my 2's Avatar Love my 2 02:41 AM 02-24-2004
If you don't have a fever, you probably don't need the antibiotics. Massage, warm compresses and maybe motrin if it really hurts. Maybe gradual weaning. If your baby is not interested in nursing,maybe pump for a while and gradually decrease pumping times so the the supply decreases gradually over time to avid the pain and blocking of the ducts. I hope this gets better fro you soon. Have you tried taking acidophilus (sp?) for the yeast infection?
M_of_M's Avatar M_of_M 10:10 AM 02-24-2004
Thanks everyone.

My breasts are a little bit better now (without antibiotics), so I hope it will continue to improve.

As for the yeast infection, I am taking acidophilis (sp?), and grapefruit seed extract, and garlic, and over a period of time I've tried a few vaginal creams from the drug mart and even one Diflucan pill. Nothing is working. But that's another topic for conversation.
coleslaw's Avatar coleslaw 02:41 PM 02-24-2004
Sorry I never came back! But I am relieved to see that the plugged ducts are getting better. I agree to the no antibiotics if no fever, so I am happy that worked out for you. In general, the plugged ducts have to take priority before the yeast because the plugged ducts can turn to mastitis and get you hospitalized if ignored, which is why I brought up anit-biotics. Out of my dozen or so cases of plugged ducts, I only took antibiotics once, but that was because I was so sick from a separate horrible viral infection that I had literally no energy to massage. I didn't know how it would work for you if there was no baby to nurse. Good to see it is working.

Yeast is so tough. Ideas - watch your diet for sugar and get pribiotics in your system. That's all I can offer. Good luck!