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I have 20 lbs more now than pp weight (baby is almost 17 mo). It is a good thing. For some reason it is necessary to produce milk. With dd1 I carried an extra 15 lbs until I started leaving her for 10 hrs a day to go to work at 12 mo... I lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks and my supply went down (many reasons I am sure... solids, work, not having a baby at breast every 4 hrs, though I pumped more than once while there...) I stopped working again when she was 18 mo and ate better and supply went up... But when she was 3.5 yo I had gotten down to 98 lbs (pp weight was 100) and I had no milk. I was beginning to be ill. So, love that extra weight, it is what is intended to help feed babies somehow... I look at all my cool clothes and wish I could fit in them, but I know I will again someday... For now I am content wearing my early pregnancy pants and old shirts... oh, and I have one pair of jeans that I can get on, so that is cool...

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Originally Posted by mambera View Post
Me too darnit! (It's not just the extra 7 lbs.) So I guess this is forever? I don't like it.
I hope it's not forever Although I did try on a dress a few days ago that definitely didn't fit last month, and it fit even though I haven't lost anymore weight. So it seems that things are slowly returning...

I also think my face seems chubbier post partum, so I hope that's not forever!
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BFing weight GAIN? I thought BF caused you to lose weight from the additional calories burned???

I gained 24 lbs with my pregancy and was 10 lbs below my PP weight within about 2 months. However, while my weight has stayed there, I have gained fat around my middle and am "fatter". I think I ate more with the knowledge that I was supposedly burning those calories.

I am still BFing at a year. Not sure what to expect when my LO is weaned.
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with dd3 I completely held on to weight... until dd3 was nursing just at night (more comfort than food) or every other day until completely weaning at 40 months... and then I was able to easily lost 35 pounds... I think while I was nursing I actually slowly *gained* some weight.

This time around I'm hovering around my pre-preg weight (I gained *very* little during pregnancy so came out about even after birthing dd4).. I'm hoping to just maintain. We'll see though...

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4 kids under 10
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I gained 33lbs during pregnancy and today at almost 6 months post, I'm still holding on to 8lbs.

I'll admit to not really doing anything to lose the weight because of fear of my supply tanking and having to formula feed. However, now that 6 months have rolled around, I've tried limiting my intake a bit and I have noticed a decline of about 1 - 2oz. I'm holding steady now because I don't want to lose any add'l supply. I do notice that the days I eat A LOT, the 2oz do reappear.

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Pretty much. I was the same size 2 years when I weaned seth as I was after I gave birth. There was a point in time where I lost 30 lbs by exercising a lot and eating mostly vegetarian diet but gained it all back LOL

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