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Mama2010's Avatar Mama2010 12:12 PM 04-20-2010
SIL gave me a Medela Pump in Style that has been through a few people and yesterday when I went to hook up my new tubing to it the part that connects the tubing to the actual pump snapped (the plastic was just too old). So now I have no breast pump as it isn't a part that can be replaced.

Anyways I don't plan on having to pump that often (if at all) as I will be home full time. But I would still like to have a pump for a night out or emergency. The Pump in Style is like $280 and although I have read that it is one of the best I don't think it will be worth it considering I won't be using it alot. Anyways what kind of breast pump would you recommend? Do you think a manual pump would be okay? They are the most economical option. Should I just wait until after he comes and decide then if I even need a pump or have one on hand just incase?

Here are some of the options I am looking at-

This is my first baby by the way.

lizziebits's Avatar lizziebits 12:32 PM 04-20-2010
I have a Pump in Style, but needed to pump sooner than I thought with my newborn, and didn't have the tubing ordered. I purchased a Medela Harmony, and I was really really impressed with it. I don't need to pump a lot either, so I think its going to be my go to pump and I'm going to loan my PIS to a friend who will be working when she has her little one. I really recommend it!

I should note though, I have no issues with supply -- in fact, I have oversupply, so I don't know if that makes a difference.
sparklett's Avatar sparklett 08:57 PM 04-20-2010
Check eBay for a deal on a Pump in Style. I bought one brand new (sealed up) for around $120. Best deal ever.
Bokonon's Avatar Bokonon 09:33 PM 04-20-2010
I would wait if I were you. After my babies were exclusively breastfeeding (they were both preemies, so I had to start pumping with a hospital-grade pump), I've only pumped a handful of times, and never really had to. I already had a PISA with DS, but I would have been fine with a hand pump or even hand-expressing for DD.
smpayne's Avatar smpayne 03:36 PM 04-22-2010
Having a GOOD hand pump on hand is never a bad idea. Avent and Ameda have had good reviews. I would wait on the electric pump until after baby is born, but set some money aside if a purchase is necessary and have the name and phone number where you can rent a hospital grade pump if necessary.

Personally, I like to order my pump and parts from an online store dealing only with breast pumps and accessories. I usually found better prices.
Quinalla's Avatar Quinalla 05:09 PM 04-22-2010
Yeah, I would buy a good hand pump (I like my Avent Isis a lot) ahead of time and get an electric later if you find yourself pumping a lot.
marinak1977's Avatar marinak1977 03:27 AM 04-23-2010
I really liked my Lansinoh hand pump for when I just had DS and was learning to pump. I use a freestyle now and love it, but I'll be WOH in a couple of months, so I'll need it.
akind1's Avatar akind1 11:37 AM 04-23-2010
as they are the most economical, try a hand pump first. for some, this works really well, others don't get as good results with a hand pump vs. the electric sort. I also second ebay! got a fab deal on my PIS!

granted I WOH 2 days a week, so I need a good pump. and I pumped almost right away, it really helped with engorgement (I was so engorged my nipples went flat and I needed to draw them out)
jeminijad's Avatar jeminijad 11:40 AM 04-23-2010
I know I am a little late here, but that Lansinoh pump is the best idea of what you listed. It is a clone of the Ameda Purely Yours, which is a GREAT pump (I prefer it to the PIS,) and is compatible w/Ameda parts.

With Medela you are paying for advertising.
Mommy2Austin's Avatar Mommy2Austin 12:46 PM 04-23-2010
While I love my electric and use it all the time (I WOH) my Avent Manual is the best! I used it the first number of weeks I was back to work until I learned I could bring my electric to work (I work in a prison and thought it might be considered a security risk.) I'd definitely skip the electric and go for a portable manual!
cchrissyy's Avatar cchrissyy 04:34 PM 04-23-2010
I never got more than 1/4oz from a so-called good hand pump. I can never know if I'd have had better luck with a Pump in Style. Anyway, maybe you don't even need a pump, but if you do, I think it's worth it to go for the best.
There is a Medela trade-in program so you can send back your broken one and get credit off the next purchase, if you wanted to look into that.